The Academic Year Kicks Off…


With most Freshers having had a week already, this weekend and next will see the bulk of students return for the new academic year.

We think the annual ritual of 500,000 full time students returning to Campus is a logistical human marvel – worthy perhaps of a Sir David Attenborough ‘Life on Earth’ style voiced documentary… so – it’s time to imagine Sir David’s unmistakable husked tone overseeing proceedings…

“As the evenings draw shorter, leaves fall from the trees and home counties log burners crackle back to life – it is time again for the youngsters to begin the trek back to the green valleys of education, where the pickings of life are rich and fruitful. Survival through this rite-of-passage to adulthood will require cooperation across the herd – with their peers, campus elders and  Faculty heads. 

Back in the family nest, Mum and Dad – filled with a mixture of ‘thank-goodness-they’re-gone’ joy and ‘I hope they’ll be OK’ sadness – have an opportunity to refresh their den…”

We all know student digs are notoriously small. Bed linen, clothes, toiletries, cutlery, a laptop and (possibly) a sound system for the smartphone or tablet are usually about the limit of what you can sensibly fit into a student room. That means everything else stays at the parental home. Which means – if you’re a parent who was thinking your offspring’s departure to Uni would mean recovering a guest bedroom  – you’ll have some hauling to do and space to find first.

You dare not throw anything away – so boxing it up and storing it safely is the only real option. If you’re lucky enough to have a loft you can stash your son or daughters’ things up there, but without that luxury you might need an alternative type of space. If you do need that kind of space one of our storage lockers is a good place to start but if you need more room then a small unit might be more suitable.

You can use it to keep all that stuff that hasn’t gone with them to Uni: a scalextric set, a pair of record decks and 2 cases of vinyl, 3 radio control cars, amassed boxes of costume jewellery, a chest of outfits that are already ‘soooo-last-season’, 2 1/2 dozen pairs of shoes, 24 handbags and a chest of video games. And don’t forget the lego® collection that will be just perfect should you ever have grandchildren.

And if your little darling phones up in a panic, having discovered they’ve left something essential that they need form your room – you’ll simply be able to pop down to your unit and pick it up.

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