Billy and Beth… Renovate the flat

Painting couple

We take a light-hearted serialised look at fictitious London based couple – Billy and Beth – as they renovate their flat, work abroad, set up a business and much more. And how self storage is their answer to many of the day-to-day problems they encounter with their lifestyle in London…

“Billy,” said Beth, “what will we do with your grandmothers 17th century French dresser whilst the flat is being renovated?”

“I haven’t thought about it,” Billy replied. “I suppose we’ll need to find somewhere to keep it safe. I can’t imagine she’d be very impressed if we got paint on it.”

“Yes, and when we knock through the wall – even with the best tradesman in the world – there’ll be an awful lot of dust.”

“Actually there’s several things we might have to find temporary new homes for.” Billy said, flicking his eyes around the room as he totted up various pieces of expensive antique furniture. “Hang on, I’ll Google it.”  Sliding his phone from his chino pocket he proceeded to type in storage in central London.

He tapped the one at the top called ABC Selfstore. He liked structure and order –  and A,B,C sounded a bit more structured and ordered than the others.  A tap and swipe later and the phone was ringing…

“Hello, ABC Selfstore, Charlotte speaking, how can I help,” came the reply.

“Hello, yes…  I want to find out more about storage,” Billy said.

“Would you like me to run through how it all works with you and help you work out what size unit you might need?” Charlotte’s jolly voice chirped back at him.

“Yes, please,”  replied Billy.

“Okay, put simply you rent a self contained room in one of our storage centres… ” Charlotte proceeded to tell him.  “…and we’ll even include a half day’s free van hire – subject to terms and conditions.”

“Wow,” Billy exclaimed, “that was really helpful, thank you. It does sound like one of your medium units is just what we need, I’d like to book.”

Later that day, having shifted all the furniture into their storage unit the pair were back in ABC Selfstore Wandsworth reception.

“Well that was easy,” said Beth, brushing a cobweb from the thigh of her two-seasons-old Armani Jeans and delicately sipping a complimentary cup of tea.

“Yes,” said Billy, “and the van didn’t cost us a penny either. Anyway, I’m starving, fancy going for some food?”

“Oh, yes!” said Beth, “Thank you Charlotte, we’ll see you when we’ve finished decorating the apartment,” and with that they headed off to the nearest drive through.


Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

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