Decluttering: The Living Room

Living room, lounge, front room whatever you call yours, you most likely spend a huge amount of time in this space and usually this is where all your belongings seem to end up! So, here is the first post in our series of hints and tips for decluttering – we look at the Living room and what you can do to minimise the clutter taking over.

Our 7 top space saving tips for your Living room…

1. Shelving

glass shelfs on white background

The number 1 storage solution not just for your living room but all rooms in your home – it’s cheap and very easy to create. If, like many people, you have collections of ornaments that you like to keep out on display, then putting up some shelves to house these, will instantly declutter sides and windows sills.

2. Sideboards/dressers

If you are lucky enough to have a large Living room then getting a dresser or a sideboard to store away your belongings would be the best and simplest solution to declutter. This can quite often be a cheap solution as square footage, especially in London is at a premium and so getting your hands on bulky furniture is one of ease – upcycling these pieces can be very rewarding and if you’re lacking space why not think about a self storage unit – we have no minimum stay so if it only takes you a week or so to create, that’s fine with us!

3. TV unit

red white interior

From the humble one piece oak unit to a whole wall of modern storage shelving and boxes – where to put your television and all the paraphernalia is endless. In many living rooms the TV is the focal point so getting this storage solution right is key. Ikea have some great solutions and you can even design your own bespoke TV unit (other shops are available).

4. Window seat

If you are lucky enough to have a bay window in your living room then get down to your local DIY store and pick yourself up the ingredients needed to make a window seat. YouTube is full of helpful ‘How to’ videos or if you are lacking in time and the skills why not call up ‘a man that can’.

6. Under the stairs

Be adventurous with the space under the stairs – it’s not just for your hoover! Depending on how big this space is you can create a home office, somewhere for the dog to sleep or just a place for your shoes and coats to live.

7. Sofa bed

Having a sofa which can turn into a bed is a great way of using the space in your front room wisely. There is no need to spend hours blowing up a bed (and finding somewhere to store it) when all you have to do is pull out the bed from the sofa for your house guests to sleep on. Many sofa beds have hidden compartments to store the bedding – freeing up room in your airing cupboard.

8. Pouffe

It’s not just a resting spot for our feet or a spare chair for the in-laws to sit on when they come round – the pouffe offers lots of storage space for those magazines and all the childrens toys you want to keep out of sight.

If you still have too much stuff that you just can’t part with, then a storage unit with us may be an ideal solution to declutter your living room and for a fraction of the cost of buying a larger home.