Storing Summer Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is a great place to sit and relax when the sun is showing his face.  But it’s not so great in the middle of Winter when it is cold and wet. In Britain outdoor seating gets little use from the end of October until March – when we’re on Greenwich Mean Time – which presents a set of problems when spring arrives. If it has spent the 2 months either side of the winter solstice left outdoors, at best it’ll need a thorough clean. At worst it’ll need lots of care, attention or even expensive treatment to get that annoying green algae, winter dirt and the inevitable pigeon-poo removed.

With decent FSC hardwood or wicker outdoor furniture set costing upwards of £600 and quality powder coated metal framed versions in a similar  price bracket – you might be looking to keep it in great nick for longer – which is where a self storage unit can help.

Leaving your outdoor furniture out in the open through consecutive winters can see it get worn, dirty, damaged and even (if it’s wood) start to rot.  If you’ve invested good money in it you won’t be happy if it looks worn or past-its-best after just one season.

You could of course get a set of covers. But if you’ve done that before you’ll know that – particularly with wood furniture – the inevitable windy weather will move the cover around, it rubs the wood and you can get worn patches on the surface. Kind of a soft gentle long term sandpaper. There’s nothing worse than removing your covers in the spring – only to discover you’ve got work to do to make your furniture tip-top.

Then there’s the other soft furnishings, fixtures and fittings that go with the furniture itself – cushions, parasols, the parasol-weighty thing and the barbecue. Given the average British winter, anything fabric is sure to rot or get mildewy, so keeping it somewhere dry and warm is essential. The barbecue will benefit from being stored indoors too – it’s amazing how rainwater manages to make its way in – and come spring you end up bailing out a murky charcoal slop from the rapidly rusting bowl of your John Lewis griddle.

Another alternative is to put it in all into storage in one of our convenient London storage units. Of course – you don’t need to restrict what you use the space for just to your garden furniture. So if you’re into your summer sports that come with a lot of kit or equipment (kite surfing, windsurfing, surfing etc.) you can also use your unit to store that. Keep your unit year-round and you can use it as a second garage – moving the things you need in and out as the seasons come and go. We’ll even throw in Free Van Hire for your first visit.


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