As Halloween approaches, we celebrate the annual opportunity for ghoulish fun and games, to get dressed up as one of your favourite characters or spooks and get out and about on the streets of London.

We could write an essay on the history and origins of Halloween, but basically we have been celebrating it for hundreds of years when back in the early Middle Ages Catholics observed a vigil on the eve of All Saints Day.

Although there have been various influences over the years, the Halloween costume wearing and trick-or-treating is not an American import but something that dates back to the medieval practices of “mumming”. Mumming saw partakers wear costumes whilst chanting, singing, play-acting and getting up to general mischief, and “going-a-souling”, which entailed going door to door and offering prayers for the dead in exchange for treat.


At Halloween, many of us still can’t resist dressing up as our favourite ghost, ghoul or, in fact, anyone or anything else we fancy. Despite recent publicity regarding some poor taste outfits, the great thing about Halloween dressing up is that you can pretty much go as whatever or whoever you like.

So what will be the favourite costumes this year? Whilst there will undoubtedly be a strong representation from the world of zombies, ghosts and ghouls, there’s also likely to be a selection of superheroes, swashbucklers and block buster movie characters thrown into the mix.

When it comes to dressing up, there’s no doubt that it’s worth making an effort with your costume. World famous Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash and his wife certainly got into the spirit of things at the weekend when they hit the headlines, pictured in ghoulish make-up and prosthetics heading for a Halloween party in Los Angeles.

This year’s Halloween is set to be as big as ever, but once the frivolities are over for another year, many of us will be packing away our outfits until the next occasion arises.

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