When Function Meets Form – Designer Household Storage.

Storage solutions in the home are usually more about function than form. Plastic boxes bought from a DIY store, custom fitted shelving in a cupboard or cardboard boxes stored in the loft – they’re hardly home-wares to get any of us excited. The concept of beautiful and functional design for things is something that separates us from the rest of the animals. So in this blog we take a look at novel storage solutions in the home. Household spaces where function truly meets form and you can’t help but say my, that’s really very clever.

Clever management of space has never been more important – especially here in London. WIth 8 1/2million of us crammed into Europe’s biggest city, apartments tend to be expensive, small and tight on storage.

The key to using any space is to make it transformable. Looking for innovative ways of stowing, storing or adapting furniture to suit the need.  Whilst not in mainstream stores (many of the components to make jaw-droppingly brilliant use of space are available to buy) some of these specialist creations could even be described as ‘off the shelf’ (okay, sorry, that was a bit feeble). As with lots of things though, sometimes the inspiration comes from overseas…

Clei beds

Italian company Clei make fold out beds. These aren’t the spongy, beige, 1960s American Motel B-movie type fold outs though. These are  state-of-the-art European Chic. And the good news is that they’re not just available in Italia… there’s a Clei UK distributor based just up the road from our London self storage facilities – in Knightsbridge. The whole range is very very smart…

We particularly like the over-night sleeper train style fold out bunks called ‘Lollipop’ which are perfect for those occasions when any friends from the ‘Shires are in town to catch up. There’s only one downside we can think of (and that’s after a lad & ladies night on the town) – when you pack them away you’ll need to remember to check down the back for half-eaten kebab…

The Goliath Table

If you like having friends round for dinner – but don’t have the luxury of a permanent dining room – then the Goliath expanding table is the will be right up your street. For the 95% of the time that you are using your living space for living, it stores away as an inconspicuous 17″ Kitchen work surface. But when it’s your turn to reciprocate with your friends in a Come-dine-with style party it expands – and you’ve got yourself an impressive 10 seater diner.

Start putting these components together and you can create a truly mind-blowing living space. Take Treehugger Founder Graham Hill’s Soho (New York, not w1). His New York apartment is more than just a collection of furniture that uses space in a clever way – it’s more flexible than a Malleable Mongolian. A home that can morph into lots of different configurations depending on need.

Require a full entertainment suite because a Friday night is Movie night?  Simply fold out the whopping white screen and project your blockbuster, complete with full digital surround sound – concealed in the ceiling.  Need a guest bedroom?  Slide the central wall and drop down the two sleeper-train style bunk-beds. Having a dinner party?  the end of the kitchen workbench is the Goliath table. Need to study – well the fold-out standing desk provides the perfect environment.

The only problem we can for-see is the challenge your new apartment presents to the Estate Agent when you come to sell up – and they are putting together the property details. It’s a two bed apartment. No, wait, it’s one open plan space. Oh. It’s one bed with an entertainment room and a study… no, hang on it has a 10 seater dining room.

Of course – if you want to keep your home free of clutter without spending thousands on clever furniture a storage unit here at ABC Selfstore won’t be as glamorous, but it is about as functional as storage space can be.

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