Wooo-oooh, the Haulstor for Halloween.

We’ve mentioned before how we sometimes see unusual things being wheeled in and out of customers storage units. But even we were surprised to see a  demonic looking horse with buffalo-style horns. Yup. Just when we thought the world of storage couldn’t get any more strange, this scary looking beast reared its horned head. It’s quite a timely entrance – being that it’s Halloween – when ghoulish creatures become the norm rather than the exception. Fortunately for us though – the demonic quadruped was balanced out with a more angelic stablemate.  A Unicorn – the ultimate mythical symbol of purity and grace.


All Hallows’ Eve – or Halloween to most of us – has become a rather spooky festival of ghoulish costumes, monsters and the slightly strange custom of trick or treating – which at any other time of the year would be simple extortion: give me a treat or I’ll play a trick on you.

In fact the origin of Halloween is complex and vociferously debated. It certainly kicks off Christian Hallowmas – which includes All Saints’ Day and All Souls Day on November 1st and 2nd. They say that All Souls Day is the last chance for any stray ‘souls of the dead’ who haven’t yet made it to Heaven (or Hell) to have a chance to get in. Kind of a Christian last minute deal for those souls that are stuck in limbo – if you like.

But hang on. This is all getting a bit heavy for our humble storage blog. We’d prefer not to dwell on darker the whys and wherefores of Halloween. If we are going to venture into fantasy let’s at least start with the purity and grace from the Unicorn – and have some fun with mythical creatures. And here’s just the activity this half-term – especially if you can’t get your hands on a Pumpkin for 31st October. Courtesy of the British Museum Young Explorers and yours to download and print – it’s Build Your Own Mythical Creature time.

Now – drum roll please – in true Blue Peter sticky-back plastic and cardboard loo roll style:  here’s one we made earlier… 


We think it is the perfect mythical creature to help out around our stores – honest – we’ve thought it all through thoroughly:

  • A powerful elephant back-end to push heavy trolleys along with ease.
  • Wings, to assist with lifting of things in and out of customer vehicles.
  • Paws for manual handling, which are nice and padded so as not to damage goods – but equipped with retractable claws to ensure a good grip when needed.
  • A beak – just right for cutting packaging tape and plastic wrapping- whether you’re boxing up or unboxing.

We’ve even come up with a name. We’re calling it the ‘Haulstor’ a creature that has evolved for hauling stuff between self storage units. Now, whilst Haulstor is purely mythical – an invention of our imagination – it will undoubtedly have one heroic trait that you will find – for real – at all of our stores: our legendary customer service.

So if you are looking for an independent, family owned London self storage provider where helpful and friendly service anything but mythical – we’re well worth a look.