16,413 new nursery’s in the making

It’s November 14 tomorrow, which is exactly 9 months since Valentine’s Day. You’d expect then that the nation’s maternity wards will be heaving (literally and metaphorically) with Mum’s-about-to-be.

Logic would suggest that the amorous February evening will be responsible for a bump in the birthrate graph – as well as the bumps-on-board heading to Hospitals across England around now. In fact – October, November and December are only the second busiest quarter on England’s maternity wards…

Dip into the Office For National Statistics (ONS) birth rate data and you’ll find all sorts of fascinating information. If statistics and crunching numbers is your thing, it’s a boffin’s paradise. There’s information on just about anything to do with life in the United Kingdom. We keep hearing how London is set to become more crowded (with predicted shortages of housing, school spaces and other services). So we thought we’d investigate and pick up on our blog in September to see what the stats say about birth rates.

As you’d expect, England – the  country with the biggest population in the Union – has the highest number of new births in the United Kingdom. In fact, in 2012 – almost 650,000 new ickle people made an entrance to the world in England and it was the summer months from July to September where Midwives were at their busiest.  Rewind 9 months from then and you’re into the cold autumn and winter time – when nights are drawing in and we all need to keep warm and cosy. Which may explain something.  The figures for each quarter of 2012 are:

  • January to March: 171,000
  • April to June: 171,800
  • July to September: 177,800
  • October to December: 173,600

But the England-wide figures are only part of the story. How about birth rates around our store locations?  Here are the annual numbers of births by ABC Selfstore London storage facilities:

Camden + Islington: 5932

Southwark: 5030

Wandsworth: 5451

That’s 16,413 new babies in our neck of the woods, in 2012 alone! So 16,413 households need to make room for their new arrivals. Perhaps preparing a room as a nursery. We’ve pointed out before that if you need to make a spare room a nursery for your newborn – and don’t have anywhere to keep the spare room stuff – a storage unit with us could serve the same purpose as your former spacer room.

Let’s not stop there though. If you are about to welcome your new addition – what name might you be putting on the door, or if you were Clinton Cards, which colourful personalised door name plates would you be ordering in bulk?

Boys will be boys…  Harry and Oliver: Nationally these two names vied for top spot – with Harry at no.1 for eight months of the year and Oliver taking topping the chart for the other four. Here in London though it was a different story with Muhammed being most popular boys name –  perhaps reflecting the Islamic cultural tradition of naming a son after The Prophet.

And Girls will be girls… Amelia: Amelia was top name for all 12 months of the year in all regions of the UK, including London.  Amelia means “industrious” and “fertile”  – it’s a go-getting name, so the popularity is understandable.

Well, that’s it for now. We’re sure we’ll be delving into the wonderful world of facts and figures and sharing something stat-tastic again before 2013 is out…

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