Interesting Exports #5 – It takes all sauce

In part 5 of our look at interesting British exports we turn our attention to  sauce. Just to be clear, we’re not talking the kind of accompaniment that frequents the sauce boat in your average gastronomic michelin starred establishment. No, we’re talking something far more important. A pair of condiments that are a fundamental part of British cuisine. Two table top stalwarts that no self respecting fan of the fry-up would dare be without…

It seems Houses of Parliament sauce (or HP to give it the moniker that we all know it by) and Lea and Perrin’s finest (Worcestershire Sauce to the rest of us) are doing a rip-roaring trade in foreign markets. HP is exported to over 70 countries including China, Mexico and Iceland whilst Lea & Perrin’s is big in Canada and Brazil – where it is known as ‘English Sauce’.

The sad thing is that HP is no longer (strictly) a British export. It’s now produced in Holland the brand having been taken over by Heinz in 2005 and production since moved.  Which leaves us only one truly authentic sauce coursing through British veins and tantalising  tastebuds.

In these days of global conglomerate it’s another Heinz owned brand.  Lea and Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce had been around for almost 60 years when HP was launched in 1904. We think it’s the grandaddy of British sauces, not just because of it’s longevity – but also because of its superior picante bite. It’s probably most famous as a key ingredient of Welsh Rarebit.

In recent years UK based entrepreneurs have started up sauce companies. The most high profile – thanks to his 2007 Dragon’s Den appearance – being Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae brand.  All these startups might be in need of somewhere to store their stock, which is where we come in. Our business storage is just the job for a low – risk place to store your stock.

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