Billy and Beth… Go overseas

Travel case, hat and sunglasses

It’s part 3 of our light-hearted serialised look at fictitious London based couple – Billy and Beth. They’re off overseas with work and ask brother Brandon to house-sit…

“Billy, I’ve been asked to go to Australia by some business contacts who have been impressed with the new startup. It’s a role working with disadvantaged teenagers who are thinking of setting up on their own,” said Beth with just a little hint of excitement.

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“Sounds interesting, when do they want you to go?” replied Billy, without looking up from scrolling Car Magazine on his iPad.

“It’s the beginning of next month.”

“You know that’s when I’m on my next stint in Dubai,” said Billy, putting the iPad down with a slightly concerned frown.

“Well that’s just the thing, this is for six months too. It’s a great opportunity to help people who need help and it’d stop me moping about the flat too.”  

“What about your party business?”

“Well I’ve got Jon and Jem now. They know what they’re doing and can hold the fort.” 

Billy perched on the Sofa, clasped his hands in a pinnacle and kept the frowned expression. Beth sensed he was working through all the reasons why it wouldn’t work. She had her arguments lined up.

“But we can’t leave the apartment empty for 6 months while we’re both away, can we?” grumbled Billy.

“I’ve thought of that, your little brother could house sit,” she said with her infectious cheeky grin.

“You are kidding right? My Gran’s furniture would be trashed within a week.” Billy said, pushing back his head and rolling his eyes upward.

“We can just put the important stuff in storage with ABC Selfstore, like we did when the builders were in.” Beth said, pulling her very best confident and convincing face.

“Hmm,” Billy pondered the facts. Beth clasped her hands loosely in front of her,  tilted her head to one side, and waited nervously to see if she had convinced her husband.

His frown became a huge grin. “I think it’s a great idea really. I was just joking with the serious face, you’re so easy to wind up and you look so cute when you have to squirm!”  

“Aw, you cheeky chap,” said Beth, stifling a smile and throwing a cushion at her husband. “I’ll give Charlotte at ABC a call now.” 

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