Clearing out the Christmas Clutter

Happy small girl in santa hat have a christmas

Before you know it, Christmas will be upon us. The mild panic builds at the thought of decorating the house and pulling out all the items required for the festive fun from under the stairs, under the bed or from the dark damp loft.

Hours are then spent trying to detangle Christmas decorations, find the missing bulb from the Christmas lights and remembering where you hid the spare furniture that is only required for extra guests joining for the turkey dinner.

But what if next year, the Christmas lights were waiting ready to use in a nice box instead of shoved in a bag and thrown behind a pile of clutter under the stairs. Or a whole array of spare chairs were stacked up neatly, just waiting to be used. If this sounds like your idea of heaven, then self storage could be the answer to all your festive prays.

However, having an affordable place to store your spare furniture and Christmas decs isn’t the only advantage of having a self storage unit at Christmas.

Do you ever get the feeling an over excited someone has been snooping around the house, in the run up to Christmas?. Keep your presents safe from prying eyes and curious fingers in one secret location, which means surprises for everyone on Christmas day, hoorah!

Ever dreamt of having the ‘perfect’ Christmas tree and beautiful decorations but always find yourself wondering where it will go after Father Christmas has paid a visit. ABC Selfstore will make sure the precious tree is looked after, helping your dreams become a quick and easy reality every year.

It’s not only the house that gets a transformation at Christmas. It seems the family’s wardrobe gets a makeover too. Clothes in every shade of green and red possible emerge along with the tacky Christmas jumper. Let’s face it, we are never going to wear these after Christmas day so wouldn’t it be nice to store them in a place where you never have to look at them until the next year?

If this sounds like your Christmas dream, give ABC Selfstore a call. We have units in Camden, Wandsworth and Southwark just waiting to take care of all your festive gear. Also, we can’t promise you’re going to like all the gifts you receive this year, so we’re happy to take care of them too.

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