Clever Storage #8 – Speaker Mounts

It’s part 8 of our series where we show our appreciation of the great work of the worldwide community of folk who are making more-than-the-sum-of-its-parts out of the Swedish Furniture Giants’ furnishings. If you’re into your tunes and home movies and like your sound systems – then this month is for you. Chances are you’ll have some speakers that might need wall mounting – and if the standard mounts don’t have the aesthetic appeal you might like – maybe it’s time to build yourself some Disgruntled Speaker Mounts.

Home cinema can be a lot of fun. Bringing the experience of the movies to your front room can make every night of the week film night. But installing the kit requires some thought. Most Home Cinema enthusiasts like to run the cables up through the walls and place the satellite speakers above shoulder height. Which brings you to the question of wall mounts – a secure place on which to hang or place your speakers. Manufacturer wall mounts, supplied with speakers, can tend to be a bit bland in design. Whilst their ‘optional extra’ versions that look great can cost more than the speakers themselves. If you find the resulting aesthetic or financial discomfort of that unbearable – then perhaps the Disgruntled Speaker Mount is the answer you need.

It’s a really smart shiny stainless steel wall mount that looks the business. They’re sure to add a little extra entertainment too – because when someone asks. “where did you get those funky speaker mounts?” you’ll be able to say – “I made them myself, from Ikea Grundtal Loo Roll holders and some [insert material of your choice] coasters.”

Of course – if you’ve gone all digital you might need somewhere to store all your original copies of DVDs, CDs and VHS (rather than throwing them away). If that’s the case then maybe a self-storage unit with us might be what you need.

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