FAQ | What Types of Cutomers Do We Have at ABC?

We have many different types of customers that store with us at ABC, some that are really obvious and others that you wouldn’t think ordinarily needed a storage unit but do.

Michal lets you know in this helpful video all the types of clients we have storing with us at ABC Selfstore from business to personal – we have storage units to suit all!

Here’s our top ten self storage customers:

1. Local Businesses

Many businesses that are local to our three stores in Camden, Southwark and Wandsworth use self storage to store their excess stock and seasonal goods if they have not got the space on their own premises.

2. Solicitors

Eco Super Archive Boxes

Paper, paper and more paper… using a storage unit to archive all the important paperwork is an ingenious solution! The unit can be racked out to optimise stackability and alphabeticalized for super efficiency. We also sell archiving boxes so there is no need to look anywhere else.


3. Students


Having to take everything back home with them after clearing out their student digs is a slog, especially if they have to take the train or like many the boot of their first car is the size of a shoebox! A locker or a small unit is the key to making a smooth transition from the end of year madness to the start of the new term in the Autumn. At ABC you only pay for the days you store and there is no minimum stay so being flexible helps our student self storers.

4. Tourists

Whether they have come for a day of sightseeing around London or for a couple of weeks to take in more of the UK, having a locker to put their luggage in has got to be better than lugging it around Buckingham Palace, on the London Eye and in Madame Tussauds hasn’t it?! Many hotels don’t check in until after 2pm so ABC can keep it safe and secure.

5. Homeowners

Moving house is not always straight forward and many people are left without a home to keep their belongings safe, dry and out of harms way in between purchases. Renting a self storage unit is the ideal solution for this brief period, or for longer if sadly your sale falls through or you haven’t quite found that dream home yet and your rental/relatives house doesn’t quite fit all your stuff in.

6. Charities


We have many local and national charities that store with us at all three sites including CoppaFeel! who store all their stock at Camden – we quite often see a blow-up booby or two 😉

7. Collectors

Last week in our blog we looked at the world’s most famous collectors and collections and how they are stored. We don’t know what everyone stores with us but some of our customers are proud to show off their collections that they have at ABC, including visual effects company – The Mill who store with us at Camden and have an extensive collection of showreels.

8. Growing Families


I’m pregnant! Little do first time parents know just how much paraphernalia children come with and how much room it takes up! If you can’t afford to move or want somewhere to store the baby stage stuff ready for the next addition to your family then a storage unit would be the answer, especially if your loft is full to the brim already.

9. Online Entrepreneurs

Having business premises is so old school! We have an increasing amount of click and send businesses that store and run their online shops from the comfort of their own unit.

10. Travellers

Taking in the sights of Australia, Asia, Europe and anywhere that isn’t the UK appeals to many and not everyone can stay renting their properties or have space in a relative’s double garage to store their belongings.

So, as you can see from our top 10 there is more to storing than you may have originally thought!


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