It’s called Boxing Day for a reason…

It’s called Boxing Day for a reason…

Have you ever wondered why the day after Christmas Day is called Boxing Day? Traditionally, it’s the day when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their bosses or employers. These presents were known as a ‘Christmas box’.

There have been many other versions as to why Boxing Day was called Boxing Day, some people believe it is because a box was left to collect money for the poor at churches on Christmas day. This was then opened and distributed on ‘boxing day’. Or perhaps it was because great sailing ships would take a sealed box containing money on board for good luck. If the voyage was successful the box would then be opened on Christmas Day and the contents given to the poor the following day.

However, nowadays Boxing Day is another bank holiday in the UK, allowing us to spend more time with family and friends, finish off the remains of the Christmas dinner and, if you’re brave enough, to go shopping around the Christmas sales.

What if Boxing Day secretly had another meaning? Perhaps it was the day that people packed up their festive belongings and put them in a secret and secure location?

After feeling over-whelmed from all the Christmas clutter, Boxing Day could be named after the mass clear up and tidy away after Christmas Day, when all the boxes from toys and catering equipment needs to be cleared away.

Or it could be because so many people fill boxes with un-wanted Christmas gifts, the extra trestle table and the special china that only appears at this time of year and ship them back off to their self storage unit.

If you want to clear the Christmas clutter and pack it away this ‘Boxing Day’, it’s not too late to book a self storage unit. Give your Boxing Day a real meaning and call us, any of our facilities in Camden, Southwark or Wandsworth would be more than happy to keep your festive gear safe until next year.

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