Billy and Beth… Have a house sitter

It’s part 4 of our light-hearted serialised look at fictitious London based couple – Billy and Beth. They’re about to head off for 6 months overseas – and Billy’s little brother Brandon is coming to house-sit…

“Hey there bro, good to see you” said Billy embracing his sibling and giving him a brotherly slap on the back. His little brother Brandon, was coming to apartment sit.

“Beth’s left a list of do’s and don’ts. But she’s put all the valuable stuff into storage, so I don’t think you’ll be able to break anything that she’s worried about.”  

“Are you saying I break things,” Brandon replied with a wry grin.

“Well there was that time when you broke the kitchen table playing rugby with the colander, and the time you smashed the window in the double doors playing cricket in the corridor at Gran’s place. Not forgetting…”

Brandon interrupted,”OK, OK, I get the picture. No improvised indoor sports.” 

“Yes, I think that’s number four on Beth’s list,” said Billy.  

“Only number four, wow, I’d better take a look,”  Brandon took the list from Billy and began to read it. “Ah. I might struggle a bit with number two – don’t use the flat to keep your sports gear. The van’s outside and I’ve got my canoe, mountain bike, road bike, scuba gear, paraglider and skydiving rig.” 

“Blimey. How do you find time for anything else? But sorry mate, I’m under the strictest of instructions. It’s Beth’s way or the highway,”  said Billy looking pained for a second.

Then the wave of an idea swept his face and an expression of problem-solved excitement took over. “I think I’ve got the answer. The missus raves about her self storage unit at ABC Selfstore. They’re only round the corner. She’s got a couple of rooms – one for the business and the other for the stuff she doesn’t want you going near. You could get yourself a unit. It’d be like your big-boys-toy cupboard.”     

“Love it . I can see my unit now, like the shop in Mr Benn, my very own Mr Benn shop! What would you like to try today Sir?” mused Brandon, recreating a scene from the famous kids TV animation. “Is that a Frogman’s under water outfit?” 

“I remember that episode!” laughed Billy. “Beth’s even left these voucher things. If you tell them she referred you you’ll get a £25 shopping voucher and you might be able to wangle some extra discount. I think she gets a voucher too. You’ll be in her good books if you can help her shop!”  

“I’ll get on to them now. I’ll get a unit right away so I only have to unpack the van once.” 

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