It’s a Man Thing

Modern man is still an evolving beast. Unlike his archaic predecessors, he mostly exists as an integral part of family life with a high degree of involvement in bringing up the children and helping with everyday household chores. However, occasionally he harks back to the past and needs his own space to escape.

And for many men, the “man cave” provides the perfect solution. According to the online Urban Dictionary, the man cave is “a room…specifically reserved for a male to work [and] play without interruption…or female influence”.

So what sort of things might a man cave harbour?

  1. Well, of course, there’s the music collection, including some of the finest rock ‘n’ roll ballads, deemed dated by the rest of the family but treasured by Dad
  2. Television, with nobody to fight for control of the handset…bliss
  3. Books, comics and magazines and other treasured memorabilia from days gone by
  4. Laptop and games console
  5. Whatever he likes!

It has been widely documented that Brad Pitt, father of six, has an extensive man cave in his 19th century New Orleans home. Complete with vintage Wurlitzer jukebox, screens, gym equipment and a range of motorbikes amongst other gadgets, Pitt enjoys spending time with his male friends, away from women and children.

Yet, whilst the majority of men may only dream of having their own private space, the reality is that most modern homes are simply not big enough to allow this. Equally, most garden sheds and garages are stuffed to full capacity and, even if the children have moved out, the spare room has been claimed by other family clutter.

But don’t despair, there’s a solution afoot. A self storage unit can provide the ultimate answer. Damp-proof, secure, totally private and away from the hubbub of the home, more and more men are finding solace in self storage retreats.

With facilities in Camden, Wandsworth and Southwark, ABC Selfstore has a wide range of affordable units on offer, from the very small to the very large, all ready and waiting to suit your needs.

So, don’t be curtailed by a lack of space in your home. If you want so establish a boys’ toys haven, we can offer you an affordable option. So, why not pop in and have a look or, if you’re short of time, give us a call?

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