New Year Resolution Fails?

It’s a month since 2014 kicked off, which means we’re already 1/12th of the way through the year. So how is your year so far? Did you set yourself a new year resolution and manage to stick to it? If you have – keep up the good work, give yourself a pat on the back and make sure you reward yourself. Though maybe just not with doughnuts if you’re on a diet.


If you haven’t managed to keep to it don’t worry, you’re in the 92% majority. So we thought it timely to take a look at the top 5 resolution fails, offer some words of encouragement and – crucially – suggest a new approach that might help you get back on the metaphorical resolution wagon.

Calendars, they’re funny things. We live our lives by them, they’re a way of helping us control what we do with our time, marking occasions and dictating when certain activities should happen. Where would we be without them.  It’s an interesting question, because sometimes calendars can be just as much of a hindrance than a help. Take New Years resolutions for example, we use the opportunity of a New Year to convince ourselves to make changes. Changes that 92% of us won’t manage to keep. Partly that’s because – when you think about it –  it’s a really odd time of year to make most of them.

The top 5  New Years Resolutions all have a focus on health and wellbeing; Losing weight, Getting fit, Eating less, Drinking less and finding a better work-life balance. Here’s our two penneth…

Exercise more: Quite why we choose the month with the shortest daylight hours and likelihood of worst weather to begin a new regime of exercising more is strange. OK we could go and crunch at the gym… but March into April is the perfect time to start to focus on getting fit – there’s space at either end of the day to get out for a walk or a run (expensive Gym subscriptions are so unnecessary). The weather is likely to be a bit better too. On top of that your body’s metabolism is gearing up for active summer months and more ready to step up to exercise. 

Eat less:  It’s the same principle really. We’ve just gorged our way through Christmas, it’s cold and gets dark early. That’s a recipe for winter comfort food: it’s no coincidence that there are plenty of foodie type programmes on in the colder winter months and most of the big TV shows are sponsored by a food company. What you can do is try to eat more healthily and only home cooked foods (they have far less sugar, salt and fat in than processed). And yes, Remember your 5 a day…

Lose weight: Losing weight is usually the ultimate goal of those who are exercising more and eating less. The three go together like apple pie, ice cream and custard. Now you might not think that is the best metaphor as bowlful of that sounds very very appetising right now (comfort food again). But wait until April, when salad season is beginning and daylight hours are getting longer – somehow it’s easier to exercise more and eat less once the sun has come out.

Work and life balance: we always seem to be busier than we think in January. For the self employed it is tax assessment time, in corporate world the financial year is in the final quarter and there’s a whole lot of business planning going on for the next one. Then there’s the consequence of the I‘ll-wait-’til-the-new-year factor for major purchases and big household decisions. It all means that January can be far busier than we expect – but you could say about any month of the year, time, as they say, flies. Spending more time with the family is not a bad thing to do at any time. So if it was a resolution for you – and you’ve already bombed – you don’t need to wait until spring or January 2015 to start again. Just come home early one evening next week. You could do some home cooking and start ticking off the healthier eating… 

Finally, rounding out the top 5 we have drinking less. If you’ve chosen that as a new year goal it probably means that you’ve realised that you might be pushing the envelope on sensible drinking limits – or you’ve just got a great reason for abstaining (like our very own Paul who is doing 100 dry days for charity). Whichever it is, best of luck, and if you dropped the ball in January, try picking it up again in February.

So, there we have it, if you’re in the 92% of us who haven’t managed to stick to your new regime, start again. Time-shift some of your New Years resolutions to Spring. They’ll make more sense and be easier then.  

Oh, don’t forget – if decluttering becomes part of your plan and you need somewhere to keep your stuff. We can help. 

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