Which size storage unit?

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If you are like me then you will have no idea how big a square foot is, let alone how many of them you will need when you empty your house and have to put all of its contents into a self storage unit!

Luckily, the very helpful and clever staff at ABC Selfstore do. They are all trained in size estimation and can tell you exactly which size unit you will require within seconds of you telling them how many kitchen sinks you need to put in it!

Just in case you were curious, a square foot is 144 square inches or 1/9 square yards or even 0.09290304 square metres.

Still none the wiser? (I know how you feel) Then take a look at our collection of videos on the ABC Selfstore YouTube channel.


The knowledgeable staff have put together a variety of useful videos for you to watch in order to work out which unit will best suit your needs when storing with us.

You can also go onto the ABC website where you can read up on how much space you will need and get a quote.

Failing all of that, why not pop in to one of the stores, email us or simply ring them up and ask – like I said it will only take them seconds to tell you which size unit you will need to rent.

(…Oh and then watch this)

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