Billy and Beth… Return

It’s part 6 of our light-hearted serialised look at fictitious London based couple – Billy and Beth. They’re back from their trip and self storage is still an answer to many of the day-to-day problems they encounter with their lifestyle in London…

‘Highway to the danger zone…’  Brandon knew from the ringtone he’d assigned, it was his brother.

“Bill!” he answered enthusiastically. He hadn’t seen his brother for almost 6 months.

“’Brandon’, it’s Beth, we’ve cleared arrivals at Heathrow, just picked up the car, Billy’s driving, should be with you in about half an hour.” 

“I’ll make sure there’s some beers on ice. See you in a bit,” said Brandon and hung up

Half an hour later Brandon opened the front door and gave his big brother a bear-hug. “Good to see you. Can’t wait to hear all about the tour.”  Turning to Beth, Brandon said, “Welcome home sis-in-law. I’ve done my best not to wreck the place for you,” and kissed her on both cheeks.

“I’d hope not,” said Beth with a tired smile. “Anyway, we’re cream crackered and in need of refreshment, where’s those beers?” Brandon grabbed her in-flight luggage bag and ushered them into the flat.

“So how was Dubai?” Brandon asked, as he popped the lids off three bottles in quick succession.

“It was amazing, as ever. The perfect antidote to English winter,” said Billy. 

“…or 6 months helping underprivileged Australian teenagers run their own businesses,” Beth intervened. “We’ll tell you all about it later. I have to say, I’m amazed you haven’t trashed the flat,” she quizzed.

“It’s down to the storage unit, brilliant idea” replied Brandon. “No outdoor toys, means no makeshift indoor play, equals no broken fixtures, fittings or furniture!” 

“Great, glad you’re a convert,” said Kate “which reminds me Billy, once Brand is out of our hair we’ll need to sort the valuable stuff back into the flat.” 

“You might as well leave it a week, you’re paying for 6 months aren’t you?” asked Brandon.  

No,” Beth answered, “ABC aren’t like other self storage places – it’s one of the reasons I chose them. They don’t charge any early move-out fee, I don’t have to give notice and they refund any days I’ve paid for but haven’t used. ‘Only pay for the days you stay’ they like to call it. So let’s unpack, have a shower and a nap and we can head down there later.” 

“I think I will too then, get my toys back and take them to Dad’s” said Brandon. “ooh, I almost forgot. They should have a £25 shopping voucher for you as a reward for referring me.” 

“Just the job,” said Beth,”I’m ready for a bit of retail therapy.” 

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