Clever Storage #6 – Remote Hiding Coffee Table

In part 6 of our appreciation of space-saving furniture and with a respectful nod to the Connoisseurs of Flat-Pack Creativity (the community at we focus on the simple coffee table.

An essential element in any living room, the coffee provides a suitably stable surface on which to rest any hot or cold beverage. But in the days of remote control everything – this cunning creation provides a super-stylish out-of-sight place for your button loaded handheld tech controlling devices. It’s so clever you almost won’t know they’re in there, but you shouldn’t ever find yourself saying ‘where’s the remote.?’

It’s the remote storage LACK Coffee table


Now you could just buy one of those cumbersome coffee tables that has drawers, or a an armchair organiser. But, to be honest, they won’t look as good as the LACK remote storage coffee table.

It’s a simple concept. You start with 2xLack coffee tables (a snip at £8 each). Cut a square out of the centre of one of the table tops, remove the cardboard honeycomb and line the edges with wood – thereby creating void in which to store your remotes and gaming controllers. You then fit a couple of drawer sliders and attach the remaining tabletop to them. Hey presto – a table with a top that slides back to reveal your remotes, neatly stored and easily accessible.

It’s a storage solution that we think tidies up a living room. Of course, if you need a storage solution to tidy up your home, a self storage unit with us might be just the space you need.

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