Half-term Getaways

The Spring Half-term is upon us, which means that plenty of Brits will be thinking about getting away. With Michael Gove’s draconian rules on school absence coming into effect last September and what’s turning out to be the wettest winter on record – it’s almost certain that demand for family holidays will be through the roof. So whether you simply fancy sunnier climes, or have been inspired by the Sochi Winter Olympic Games (and Jenny Jones’ brilliant Bronze medal in Snowboard Slopestyle) let’s take a look at where you could be going and what you could be doing…

Snow&skiingWinter Wonderlands – with the Winter Olympics in full swing, lots of us will be thinking about heading off to the slopes on a last minute Ski-ing or snowboarding deal.  With most of Europe  having bumper season in terms of snow, there are loads of last-minute package bargains to be had. That of course means digging out all your wintersports gear, so say hello if you’re popping in – because you are using one of our storage units as the place to keep it.


Fun in the sun – when the weather is this bad, for some there’s only one thing to do. Go in search of sun. Whether that’s heading off to the clubland paradises of Magaluf or Faliraki, or  something a touch less high-octane and more sun like a trip to the Canary Islands or worshipping the Sun-God Ra in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheikh. Wherever you choose to soak it up, we’re sure that the outlook will be better than the UK!

Culture Vultures – if out-and-out sunshine is not your idea of a great holiday, and you’re more in the I-need-something-to-do camp, then you’ll undoubtedly be looking for somewhere with Culture and Climate. North Africa – Morocco and Egypt are good bets, and if you’re lucky with the weather then some northern mediterranean locations – such as Rome and Pompeii – have more culture and history than you can waive a centurion’s sword at.

Home is where the Heart is  – When UK weather is like it is though, there’s always a risk with going away. Listen to any region’s travel news and the daily list of delays, cancellation and closures – across air, rail and road – is unprecedented. It makes sense then that many of us will be braving the worst that the jet-stream can throw at us with a staycation. London favourite Chessington World of Adventures is not too far from our central London locations. And if you really want to blow a massive raspberry straight in the face of the awful weather, then Dragon Falls will give you the chance.

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