Our Shrinking Living Space


There’s no doubt that Britain has the smallest homes in Europe with the average footprint now of just 85 square metres, compared to 115 square metres in Holland and 137 square metres in Denmark. What’s more, they’re still getting smaller with the average size of a family home in the UK having shrunk by two square metres, the size of a small cloakroom, over the last decade alone.

It’s the same story with apartments. The average size of a new-build one bedroom home is just 46 square metres – that’s about the size of a single Jubilee Line carriage on the London Underground, according to the Royal Institute of British Architects. Yet, there has been a marked increase in the number of people now living in apartments with over 20% of households currently living in flats compared with 17% in 2008.

London may be the only place in England with minimum sizes standards for new built homes, but in order to make a 37 square metre one bedroom apartment a functional living/working space, it’s little surprise that many apartments lack essential storage space. Creative solutions are required to ensure our living space doesn’t become over cluttered and impact on, not only on the tidiness of our apartment, but also on our mental and physical health.

So it’s shelving, fitted wardrobes, sofa and bunk beds, under bed storage, hanging rails and hooks all the way. Most apartments don’t have a loft space, let alone a garden shed or garage, to stash personal belongings. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that a clear relationship exists between the number of people living in smaller spaces and the number of people making use of self storage facilities.

As our living space gets smaller, for an increasing number of people self storage is proving a necessity to modern living by providing convenient, flexible and accessible storage for everyday (and exceptional) items.

So, if you are finding your living space a bit tight and struggling for storage, why not join the trend and contact ABC Selfstore to see what we can do for you? With self storage units in Camden, Wandsworth and Southwark, ABC Selfstore has a wide range of affordable units on offer, from very small to very large, to enable you to access the perfect amount of space to suit your needs.

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