The Sochi Effect


After the UK’s most successful winter Olympics since 1924, it seems the Sochi bug has well and truly spread across the UK. After winning medals in men’s curling, women’s curling, the skeleton and woman snowboarding, people are now eager to have a go at these winter sports and potentially represent Britain at the next winter Olympics.

With real snow ski slopes and ice rinks up and down the UK, it is now easier than ever to have ago at skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. However, winter sports come with a lot of equipment from coats, salopettes, hats, special socks, boots, through to skis, snowboards and poles. The list could go on and on, especially if you’re thinking of taking up a sport like biathlon!

It goes without saying that you need to look after all the equipment (especially as it’s not cheap), but did you know there are considerations to be taken before storing it all away?

Whether it’s after a ski holiday or just a day on the slopes, it’s key to give your ski jackets and salopettes, thermals, socks and gloves a wash before they’re put away. Worn ski attire can harbour nasty germs and mould while sitting in warm, dark places. If your clobber is becoming well worn, consider spraying them with aerosol water proofing before they are put away.

If you own your own ski boots it’s important to keep them clean and dry when they are not being used. A boot bag is ideal as they not only protect your boots from dirt, dust and damp but they’re also great at storing ski locks, and other small items that tend to wander away.

If you’re storing away your gear for the summer period and own your own skis or snowboard, ensure the grind bases are flat, repair all the chips, sharpen the edges and wax the skis/snowboard. By doing so you will not only protect your equipment from corrosion but they will also be ready to hit the slopes next season.

The best place to store winter sports equipment is in a clean, dry environment that is safe from falling objects. The last place you’ll want to store your expensive gear is in the corner of the garage where temperatures vary and they risk getting “tapped” by a reversing car.

With Self Storage facilities in Wandsworth, Camden and Southwark, we have a range of storage units from very small to very large to accommodate all your training gear. So, if you don’t want to run the risk of damp mouldy clothes or a broken skis we would be more than happy to take care of it all. Just remember to mention us when accepting you medal at the 2018 Olympics.

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