Online sales and trading: have you joined the revolution…

Contrary to what you might expect, we don’t like selling storage space when it’s not necessary. Which is why you’ll find us frequently banging on about decluttering – clearing the junk out of your life and making room for just the things you need or those are important to you. Oh, and being careful not to overestimate how much space you rely need.

It’s inevitable that some of the things you thin are junk will be of value to other people. At worst you might be able to give it to a new home, at best there might be some money in it too. We cover the options if you’re new to online trading and look at how one of our customers is making a living out of his passion.

Having a clear out this spring could be the start of something. Whatever you rediscover: old books, furniture, records, toys, clothes… they might be a the beginning of a new direction in life. On the one hand, you might decide that you don’t want the those things anymore, but that they’re too good to throw in the skip. A little research will help you decide if there is money in it. So here are our top tips on how to approach it.

1. Research and Observe

If you’ve found a 1981 Charles and Diana Royal Wedding commermorative mug you might be wondering what it’s worth. The bad news on that front is not much. Starting prices from 99p to be exact. How do we know? We searched on eBay. Setting up an eBay account doesn’t mean that you have to buy or sell anything, you can simply search for things similar to those you have and watch the auction to see roughly how much they are worth.

2. No monetary value? Try Freecycling

There are lots of websites that exist to help people exchange stuff for free – and one of the most popular and best known is Freecycle. It’s a simple concept, if you have something that you no longer want, would like to see it reused (rather than taken to the tip)  you can list it. If someone wants it they come and collect it and you get to feel good that you’ve saved a little more of the earth’s resources. If you like to be non-conformist, The Guardian have published a handy list of alternatives to Freecycle.

3.  Start trading

If your research shows you have something that’s likely to have value try listing it on a Free listing site such as Gumtree – which is big in London – or an auction site such as eBay. If you choose an auction site you will of course have to pay a listing fee and a commission on any sale – so look out for free listing weekends and offers. If eBay seems a bit too broad brush or you’re feeling anti corporate-dom, then there are a number of alternative and specialist auction sites available. Auctionsitenews have a handy list of 15 alternatives to eBay.

4. You never know where it might end up…

Small beginnings can lead to big things. Trading and selling online can be fun, but you could also make a career out of it.  Here’s ABC Selfstore customer Julien, owner of Dobshizzle – record collector and trader.  Oh, you see those storage units? They’re ours. We’re proud to help Julien realise his dream.

If you need somewhere to start up with storage, one of our units might be just the ticket.