Our Friends, CoppaFeel! at ABC.


We provide self storage to people for many different reasons – if you are moving home and have not yet found the perfect house to move into you may need space to store your belongings for that transitional period. Or you may be a thriving business in one of our local areas that needs extra space to store spare stock. Another popular reason to need self storage is archiving – many of our units are set up with racking to contain the boxes upon boxes of documents that some types of businesses produce.

One of the not-so-obvious self storage customers that we see in our stores are charities and in particular we love to see our friends CoppaFeel! at our Camden branch of ABC.

Who are CoppaFeel!?

The charity was established in 2009 and CoppaFeel’s mission is to stamp out the late detection of breast cancer by raising awareness of the signs and symptoms by encouraging everyone to check themselves regularly throughout their lifetime – no matter what age they are.


Kris, the founder of CoppaFeel! was diagnosed at the age of 23 and has made it her mission to make young people aware of breast cancer and many of the cheeky costumes they use are kept at ABC in Camden – including the famous boob tent!

In response to its findings CoppaFeel! have launched their #BraHijack campaign and have been appealing to the lingerie world to introduce a small label carrying boob checking reminders to all bras sold in the UK.

Lingerie brand Curvy Kate has committed to adding the label to all its bras sold from
January 2014 and Very.co.uk will be placing it in 30,000 bras in their Sorbet Flirty Lace
range in 2014.

Most breast cancers are detected through self-checking so doing it regularly will ensure changes are detected and reported early. The research also discovered that a vast majority of women believe there to be a “right” way of checking their boobs and don’t have the confidence to do it.

Fancy fundraising for this fab cause? Find out more on how you can raise money on the official website.

Follow us @abcselfstore and our friends CoppaFeel! @CoppaFeelPeople on Twitter for all the updates.

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