Top 8 Home Improvement Projects

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Homes. We just love to improve them. For most it’s about making the perfect space for living in, a place where we can feel comfortable and at ease. For others it’s more about the investment, making a property smarter, adding to its value and making it more saleable. With the economic climate looking rosier and spring around the corner it’s no surprise that the building trade is picking up – especially in London. So we thought what better time to look at the top ten home improvements…

Whether you’re a DIY God who knows one end of a Thermostatic Radiator Valve from another, or you think that B&Q is a sauce that goes well with burger and chips, home improvements are big business. There are lots of projects and rooms in the house that can be given a makeover. So whether you’re going to do it yourself, or get a professional in, here are the top ten home-upgrades that you might consider this spring:

1. The Kitchen

Acclaimed as the centre of the family universe, the place where everyone hangs out at parties and, of course, the room where all the cooking gets done, Kitchen’s are top of the list when it comes to home improvement.   Whether you’re taste is more stylish modern or rustic country might depend on the style of your property, but one thing’s for sure, your refitted kitchen will be the hub of the house.

2. The Bathroom

If the Kitchen is the hub of the house, the bathroom is the haven. A place where the world stands still and we can stop, think and relax. Just don’t forget the mood lighting, glass pebbles and plenty of scented candles.

3. A Loft Conversion

A London favourite, the loft conversion is a great way of creating extra living space in a cramped capital property. You’ll need to make sure you work within planning permission rules and building regulations, but a loft conversion can be a cost-effective and relatively straightforward way of adding an extra room to your home.

4. A Garage Conversion

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage that’s part of your house, you might be thinking about converting it to a household room. It’s a popular conversion and creates a large uniform shaped very usable space. Perfect for a new entertainment suite or games room.

5. Conservatory

When the sun is out there aren’t many better places to be that in a Conservatory and there’s always an offer on with the big UPVC firms. If you’ve got the ground floor space to extend a conservatory can make a big difference to your space. From sun-drenched Sunday morning summer breakfast, to a mid-winter post-luncheon nap.

6. Garden Makeover – We brits love our gardens. Again, in London, there’s an element of ‘if-you’re-lucky-enough-to have-one’. If you do, taking some time to make it a space that you want to hang out in can make a big difference. Planting some garden flowers and creating a quiet corner with a bench where you can sit, read and enjoy a G&T after a long day in the office

7. Solar Panels 

You might think that solar panels are a home improvement that you can’t enjoy on a daily basis in the same way you can say, a kitchen. Think again – Government feed in tariffs mean that as your panels soak up the sun they’re putting energy back into the national grid – and credits in your pocket. The latest sophisticated installations have touch screens and apps that can talk to your smartphone and you can see how many pennies you are making in real time. You’ll get a doubly-warm glow too: on the one hand (once you’ve got over the initial investment) you’re saving , maybe even making money, on the other you’re looking after the planet and being properly sustainable. That must make taking a bath in your newly refurbished bathroom, or using the electric hob in the kitchen all the more satisfying.

8. Garden Shed/Mancave/Ladylounge

We’ve blogged before about the merits of man caves and the luxuries of a LadyLair. There are plenty of ways to go about making space for a gender based personal space (maybe start with that Garage Conversion). If you lack the interior space – but do have a patch of spare ground in your backyard or garden you could buy a shed. A proper refuge, somewhere to go and get away from the daily grind. In fact, you could buy two sheds for His and Hers hubs of chill-axing.

Now, if you are undertaking some serious renovation works you will almost certainly need to find somewhere to keep all your furniture and furnishings whilst the work is undertaken. We can help on that one, with a safe and secure storage unit to suit your needs.


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