Under Stair Storage – it’s wizard

Stairs. Subject of that well-known guitar anthem, home to a boy wizard (the cupboard underneath at least) and the perfect venue for a 3 year old to have a stamp, strop and sulk. To most of us they’re simply a mechanism to get from one floor to another. For a few of us they create an opportunity beneath – an awkward void that’s just crying out for an innovative and creative solution that makes. So we thought it would be fun to take a look at what’s stupendous and stylish amongst the latest sub-stairway space solutions. 

The triangular void under the stairs is an awkward space. Typically home to the vacuum cleaner, ironing board and maybe a broom, it’s one of those spaces in the home where stuff tends to get chucked. But with a bit of careful thought it can be a useful storage space. Mix in some creativity and it can be an elegant one. Smatter that with innovation and you can have a real talking point. We spotted Nottinghamshire based Merrin Joinery’s Pinterest board  and just had to share some of the highlights…

A L of an idea – unless they’re beneath an ornate spiral, the voids beneath the stairs tend to be L-shaped. Handily that’s the same shape as shoes and boots. So what better way to use up the space than with a pull-out shoe and boots store. They might be US based, but the range of solutions from stairstorageco.net



Or how about a Ken-L – Man’s best friend needs a home too, so whilst you keep the upright space for your hoover, you could build in a doghouse. But with this feature, when you say, ‘he’s in the doghouse’ it’ll be a big-up, rather than a berate. So how about this example from yummypets.com




Vino, Vino, Vino  – if you are into your wines, you’ll need somewhere sensible to keep them. How about this stunning cabinet from Vinotemp. Just right for showing off the Chardonnay, masquerading the Merlot and parading the Pinot.

If you have children you might want to create something a little more playful for them. So how about creating their own space, with an under-stairs Wendy house. Your pick the style – from Georgian Town-House to Rustic Country Cottage – whatever facade you (or your child) fancies. The folk at 
daysoutwiththekids have got the inspiration bug good and proper. So if a kids home-away-from-home under the stairs is in your game plan, have a gander at their recent post

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