A Beginners Guide to Spring Cleaning

The clocks have gone back, the daffodils are out, trees and flowers are budding – so you know what that means – spring is here. It’s time to cue lots of enthusiasm for all sorts of things. Afternoons pottering in the garden, weekends watching the opening rounds of all sorts of summer sports (flat racing, motor racing, cricket, tennis,) and, of course, spring cleaning.

There’s something about cleaning and clearing out during spring that feels more right than any other time of year. So, being as our FREE Beginners Guide to Self Storage has proved so popular with customers new to self storage, we thought that this year – for our contribution to the theme of ‘spring has sprung’ – it might be helpful to put together a Beginners Guide to Spring Cleaning. So here it is…

Getting the most out of a spring clean is not just about putting in some graft. It’s also about having a strategy – an ‘order of service’ if you like – for how to execute the biggest event on the cleaning calendar. So here’s our sure-fire approach for making your 2014 spring clean the most rewarding yet:

1. Strip your bed and put all the linen in the wash. Why we’ve put this at number one will become clear later…

2. Take time to have a hearty breakfast. You need to be fully fuelled for the day ahead.

3. Put the mobile in airplane mode and unplug the landline. If you’re at all like us you’ll be looking for a distraction to get you out of the cleaning – and a friend calling or texting is exactly the kind of distraction!

4. Fire up your stereo to the music of your choice – genius mix, shuffle or internet radio. Whether the new-wave synth pop of Absolute 80’s is your the thing for cleaning to, or you’re more Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet (the theme to the Apprentice) a decent volume is essential for keeping you moving (although you might want to let close neighbours know what you are up to).

5. Take on one room at a time – if you live in a bedsit it might be reasonable to think you can do it all in one day. If you’re lucky enough to live in a 3 bedroom London Town house getting it all done in a day might be a tall order. 

6. Open the Windows – on a bright dry day there’s nothing like letting fresh air into your rooms, although – check the forecast – and wait until last weeks poor air quality had passed.

7. Clear out the clutter – we adorn our rooms with all manner of clutter: piles of magazines, post, paperwork, clothes… begin by clearing it out. Chuck anything that you really don’t need, or want to keep. If that complete 10 year subscription to the printed edition of Autosport is something that you just can’t let go of – think about boxing it up and keeping it somewhere safe and sound – like one of our personal self storage units.

7b – sort the bed linen from the washing machine and either put it out to air or (assuming it is tumble dry able) to dry in the tumbler.

8. Start at the top and work down – when you’re done with the clutter, you can start on the room. Begin with the ceilings: feather/faux-feather dusters are terrific for brushing cobwebs out of corners or from between beams. You could grab the vacuum cleaner to get any dust off the curtain rails and any picture tops.

 9. Work on the walls and shelves next – You might not think that walls need much of a spring clean, but if you’ve got anything hanging or fixed on them (speakers, picture frames and shelves for example) it’s worth giving them a dust or wipe. Also have a look at light-switches and plug sockets, the paintwork around them might also benefit from wipe with a lightly dampened cloth to clean any smudgy hand prints (be careful not to use a wet cloth directly on the socket though).

10. Give furniture the old over and under – If you’re feeling like deep cleaning it’s time to get to grips with your furniture next. If your furniture covers are removable and washable then you can follow the washing directions. If they are not then look at getting them professionally steam cleaned or you can hire a steam cleaner. If they’re clean enough already then give them a good once over with the hoover. With that done it’s worth moving them to the middle of the room and giving the wall behind a once over with the feather duster (behind a sofa is cobweb penthouse for spiders) and the skirting board a wipe. You can also take the opportunity to vacuum and the floor that the sofa usually covers up. 

11. Finish with the floor – how you clean it will depend on the type of floor you’ve got. For carpets that are in good condition a thorough vacuuming should be ample, but if your carpet is looking dirty or stained you might want to steam clean (see 10.). Solid floors are easier – a good going over with the broom and/or vacuum and then a wash down with a mop and bucket.

12 –  Put the freshly cleaned bedlinen back on and you’re almost done…  you can now reward yourself and relax with a takeaway and perhaps a bottle of plonk…  before heading up the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire, and via JimJamabad off to the land of nod – for a well earned restful nights sleep.

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