Clever Storage #9 – the Standing Desk.

So – it’s time once more to stand up and applaud those innovative peeps over at Oh, you’re standing already? At your desk? You’ve probably beaten us to it on this one then. In instalment 9 of our series on sensational self-assembly we’re going to focus on the big red standing desk

Man (or woman) was not really designed to spend 7 1/2 hrs of the day sitting at a desk staring at a computer monitor. Nor were we designed to spend 3 hrs of our  evening lounging on soft furnishings watching TV. That’s not to mention the additional hour or two behind the steering wheel during the daily commute. More than any other animal on the planet our physiology evolved to work best in the upright position. It’s weird then that we seem to have designed a world for ourselves that involves far more sitting than standing. And all that sitting can cause us issues.  There’s the obvious risk of putting on a bit of podge and developing a pear-shaped posture – but worse than too much sitting and slouching can lead to back trouble and pain in the lumbar region or spine.

If you’ve had enough of sitting in front of your desk step up to the a standing one. This on is a combination of 2x Vika Amon table tops , 4x Vika Byske legs, 8x Capita legs, 1x Ekby Laiva shelf. We reckon you could do something similar for under £100. 2x Linom table tops (£9 each) 4x Adils legs (£2.50 each), 8 x Capita legs (£11 for four) and an Ekby Victor Shelf (£3). That’s a purpose built standing desk for £53. Bargain.

And don’t forget – if you’re looking to make great use of your space we can help. Our convenient and affordable London Self Storage could be the extra space you’re looking for.

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