Cunning Jewellery Storage

In March we blogged about self storage gadgets and mentioned the Spy-bolt, which got a few of you intrigued. So we thought it would be fun to look at other clever ways that people keep the family jewels safe and sound.  As well as suggest a couple of our own.

The hidden drawer – a hidden drawer in a shelf featured in our gadgets blog, but it’s a classic that’s been around for about as long as furniture that has doors, drawers and compartments. Any fan of Antiques Roadshow will have seen the ubiquitous 17th Century bureau and the expert mutter something to the owner about ‘does it have hidden drawers?’ with the customary response, ‘yes, several’ without actually showing you them. You don’t need to go all Georgian antique though if you want furniture with secret spaces – in fact you could even make your own – take a look at one of our favourite ever Ikea Hacks.

Spy-Bolt and (sshhh!)… other things – You didn’t hear it from us, right, but there are a whole load of alternatives to the spy bolt (which we covered in our storage gadgets blog).  That’s right, things that look like stuff you’d find around the average household, but aren’t.  They’re a cunning ploy. Secret stashes where could put jewellery that your average thief is unlikely to look.

A Book Safe – for bookworms? Take a big book, stick the pages together on the outside and then systematically cut them out from the inside to make it hollow and hide your valuables away in the bookcase.  Just don’t choose the book Jewelry Through History (pardon the american spelling) as your title – that might be a bit of a clue.

Or a Canny Can. If your bookshelf is more Tablet than Hardback these days then here’s an alternative – if you’re feeling handy with the tin-opener and toolkit – modify an empty tin of your favourite fizzy beverage. Simply cut the top off and then use some plastic from a larger pop bottle to create a closeable secret stash. Not sure what we mean? See this handy video clip:

You could keep it in the fridge… or you could go one better and keep our next candidate for genius hideaway stash in your fridge’s crisper drawer…

Iceberg ahead. No, not that kind of Iceberg, this one’s a lettuce, except it’s not, it’s actually a very realistic fake with a hidden compartment to keep valuables in. Just don’t try to make a salad with it, and when asked; “honey, where did you put that gold necklace and earrings?” you’ll just need to get used to saying, “it’s in the lettuce.”

In Plain Sight. Finally, one place you could keep your jewellery is on you. Wear it. Enjoy it. It’s what someone clever and creative crafted it for.  Why keep it tucked away in a secret place.

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