Most Expensive Storage and Storage Apparatus… in the World

Put on your best Jeremy Clarkson voice – because in this blog we’re going to look at the most expensive storage, and storage apparatus… in the world.  Yup. We’ve trawled the internet to bring insight into the priciest places to keep stuff. And it’s surprising just how many are here in England – or ‘Treasure island’ as we’ve heard it is called in other parts of the world. But first, let’s start with Super Yachts…

Meticulous Marinas

If you’ve got a super-yacht you’ll need somewhere to keep it. Traditionally that’s a marina – a kind of outdoor floating parking lot for boats. Now you might think ‘that’s easy’ –  you already know the world’s most expensive marina as you see on the TV every May when the sport of Formula 1 descends on the principality of Monaco. But you’d be wrong, you need to head East across the Mediterranean towards Italy for the most expensive.

The Marina serving the town of Capri – at nearly £2400 per night – tops the bill, closely followed by Porto Cervo in northern Sardinia (£2000) and Portofino on the Ligurian coast (£1900). Portofino is perhaps the most exclusive as it can only berth 6 super-yachts at a time, so advance booking is essential. One night is considerably more than most of us pay for monthly rent in London – but with the average super-yacht costing £39 million owners are unlikely to be troubled by the cost of tying up at any of those locations.

Bonanza Beach-huts – If golden sands and coastal water sports are more your thing you might be thinking a beach-hut is a more affordable way of staying by the sea. Mudeford Spit in Christchurch, Dorset, has been the Monte Carlo of the beach-hut world since the mid-1980s. Huts here tend to be leasehold and rarely come up for sale. When they do they command tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds. Renowned as a safe and unspoilt place to holiday ‘the Spit’ has Christchurch Bay to the east and the town’s harbour to the west – which is a fantastic place to learn the basics of many a sea-borne activity. Crucially, overnighting is allowed too and there are no cars – so beach huts here have evolved – and these days are less shed, more chalet. They often to come with plenty of under-hut storage space for all the trappings of seafaring fun, from your sail board to your sea-kayak.

The most expensive to date sold for just shy of the £200,000 mark. The location is pretty special – as this local news report shows…

Personal Parking – Parking is one of those things that creates stress.  So owning your own central London parking space might seem like a way to knock that on the head.  Somewhere to store your car where you don’t have to worry about whether you will even find a space, if time is running out on the meter, or the ballooning bill you might running up.  Yes, buying a space sounds like a sensible solution to the panic that parking can bring.  

Unfortunately it isn’t quite that straightforward. You’ll need a spare £200,000 + per car – as this recent sale, which at £400,000 for a lockup that’s enough for two spaces – is possibly the most expensive parking in the world. Granted it is next to the Albert Hall in Kensington – one of London’s most upmarket boroughs. If you could both afford to and justify buying it, we wonder what kind of vehicles you’d be parking there. Bugatti Veyron anyone?

Lavishing Your Laptop – Just like our clothes and jewellery, our technology can be a statement. It’s predictable then that whole industries have grown up based around accessories for our gadgets. Protection for Laptops and Tablets extends to – and here’s the most expensive. Dutch firm CoverBee created a diamond dressed soft case. At $11 million it is worth considerably more than the laptops likely to be stored in it – but if you don’t have $11million or simply dislike diamonds they also sell much more conventional and reasonably priced versions.

A Fine Fridge for Fine Food – in the past they kept things in Salt, or cooked it up with sugar to make preserves. Since the mid 20th Century we’ve been keeping our food fresh in refrigerators or ‘the fridge’ as we tend to call it here in the UK. Which is the most expensive is open to some debate – but the Sub-Zero Pro 48 with Glass Door surely comes close at around $13,800 (£8,250) for the standard built in model.

If you fancy one of Sub-Zero’s state of the art fridges – their UK showroom is just up the road from that parking space in Knightsbridge, London. You might decide that full integrated is the way to go… for which you’d need a bespoke quote. You could probably even add diamonds.

Of course – if you are after much more reasonable storage for all sorts of stuff, then we can help with that – one of our universal storage units should be just what you need and – unlike the storage above – is very reasonably priced.

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