Clever Storage #10 – LEGO, organised.

If you’re a parent to children over 5 years old, there’s a good chance that Lego plays a major part in your offsprings’ day-to-day. So in the 10th edition of our ‘Clever Storage’ series we focus on the ultimate furniture for Lego fanatics young and old. It’s another clever Ikeahack and it means you won’t ever have to step on a Lego brick again or repeatedly tell your little ones that the living room doorway is really not the best place to build their latest moon-base.  

Lego is one of those fantastic toys that is as versatile as the mind that is playing with it. It can be a space craft, pirate ship, police headquarters… the possibilities and fun are endless. It’s also great because as well as promoting creativity it  encourages counting, problem solving and spacial awareness – we wonder how many Dad’s have said ‘pass me a flat 6×2’ whilst constructing something with their children in the last week. But the thing about Lego is that it gets left and lost everywhere. Played with all round the house it turns up in all sorts of places. As well as the traditional back of sofa, under the coffee table and on the top step of the stairs it also emerges from cutlery drawers, airing cupboards and bathroom cabinets. And if you own a bag-less vacuum cleaner with a clear dust box you’ll probably see some of it circulating in there!

So – behold the answer. The Lego storage table combines on a 47″ Ingo dining table, 4 Trofast storage tubs, and 4 lego base plates. You’ll need a free weekend and a bit of skill with a jigsaw to build one as you have to cut out the holes in the table top for the storage tubs. But once it’s done it is the perfect place for battles to take place, planets to be explored, aliens beaten, cities protected, dinosaurs captured…  and many other adventures.

Whether for more lego or not – if you want to make room in your house and need convenient extra storage we can help. A Storage Unit in London with ABC Selfstore is a safe, convenient and cost-effective place to keep your things.

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