Celebrating the Shed on Father’s Day

Fathers Day. The one day of the year that the Dad’s of the world get to kick back and chill – without any fear of being nagged that they should be doing something more constructive. And what better place is there for a chap to relax than at the end of the garden, in his shed.

To a bloke, the shed is not just a space to store tools, gardening equipment and sun loungers – it is his final retreat – the ultimate expression of personal space for any self respecting Alpha Male. So, being as it is father’s day and the world cup has begun – what better time to better celebrate the very best of British in the world of Sheds…

Very few ladies see the attraction of a shed. To the majority of the fairer sex they are simply a wooden space to store all that outdoor stuff. But – to those in the know – there’s a massive difference between simple storage shed and a man’s shed. So to celebrate the world of the shed we suggest how best to organise yours and give a big ABC Selfstore wolf-whistle of approval to some of the world class shedestry being undertaken across our fair Isle.

Top Tips for organising your shed: 

Hang ’em High

Look at the inside walls of a shed and you’ll notice that there’s a wooden framework that the outer panels are nailed or screwed to. Even on a small shed that framework with be a couple of inches deep. That means a space where you can hang gardening tools without them intruding into the interior space of the shed. You might find you can fit a hanging rail of 2 x 1 between some of the framework uprights that you can either put hooks on or a few screws in – on which you can hang shovel, hoe, spade etc. You could get clever with a pallet and fix it to the framework – giving a slot that you simply drop the handles of the tools into.

Slot ’em Shelving  

If your shed is long and narrow then install some shelving at the far end. Nothing fancy – you can use some scraps of wood to fashion a slatted shelf which is perfect for storing soft furnishings – such as sun lounger, garden chair cushions and a packed away summer gazebo.

So Crate Ease 

Crates (the kind you used to get milk in) are a great way of making cost effective stackable storage. You can store plant pots and small gardening tools in them.

Making Your Own Shed Heaven

If you are lucky enough to have one shed for the garden tooled stuff (or you’ve stuck it all in self storage) and a second for your den, you might be looking for some inspiration on what to do with it. In the absence of an official term for someone who creates the ultimate shed space – we’ll call them Shedestricians.

But where do Shedestricians go to show off their creations? Where can you find inspiration for your she masterpiece? We can wholeheartedly recommend readerssheds.co.uk

Here’s an example that even featured in the Daily Mail and has everything. Jez Walter spent over £15,000 kitting out this 18 x 16ft space, which includes a bar, pool table, 2 big screen TVs and surround sound.

Or, if afternoon Cocktails are more your thing then how about the Bar Shed? As the caption would suggest, many people think it’s Epic. With those St Georges Flags, it is all set for the World Cup too.

Finally, if you’re a Formula 1 fan then you might get a bit of the green eyed monster when you see our final feature shed. Kevin Thomas from Brighton has been building a F car in his shed for the past 6 years. It’s not just any car though – it’s an F1 car based on the chassis from a BAR. A games console and a big telly and you’ve got yourself the ultimate Race simulator there Kev…

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