England vs Uruguay – heroic or home?

England meet Uruguay tonight in what we really hope will be an emphatic victory for Roy and his young but promising squad. Despite losing 2 – 1, they showed some real class against Italy and were easily the equal of the Azzurri. The rumour mill is rife with suggestions that Rooney will revert to his more natural No 10. role in the centre, so let’s hope he finally gets to put his world-class abilities to use for England.

Just like Spain last night – either team will be out of the competition should they lose, so it is likely to be a hard-fought contest. Which got us thinking. If you’re going away for a few weeks on business and you are not quite sure whether you’ll be back sooner, or later – how can you keep your stuff secure? 

You don’t have to be a famous footballer to be planning an overseas stay for an uncertain amount of time. People from all walks of life go abroad and don’t always know exactly when they’ll be back. Construction projects overrun, buying expeditions can get extended and military postings can sometimes be unpredictable. Then, of course, there’s tournament based sports like Tennis, Rugby and Cricket. Plus, round the world Yacht racing which has to be about the least predictable of the lot. You never know when you might be home early, or be bringing new silverware back in your hand luggage.

If you are heading away, then you might be thinking about putting stuff into storage. If that’s the case you’ll want a storage solution that has helpful flexibility built in. Minimum term contracts and one month notice periods mean that you’ll be paying for space you won’t be using. So – wherever you’re heading – make sure you find a storage provider with no hidden costs and that will let you leave when you want to without paying extra. One just like us.

If the Boot, Sock or Tennis Shoe is on the Other Foot…

That philosophy works both ways. If you’re heading somewhere for an international tournament, your team might be needing somewhere to store training and competition equipment. Take the 2014 London International Canoe Polo Tournament this July. Where will all those canoeists keep their canoes? Then there’s Tennis. Wimbledon players don’t just have one racket these days, they have a car bootful, whilst Hockey players have lots of sticks and all that goalie body armour. A local storage facility, close to the training ground, area, pool or lake is the perfect and convenient solution.