Making Room for Dinner…

Ever felt like you need to make more room for dinner? Now we don’t mean starving yourself all day so that you can gorge on curry, chinese or deep fried chicken. We mean finding a place in your home where you can stop, sit and take time to enjoy a good meal. The kind of space that used to be called the dining room, but is an endangered species in modern London properties.

But there are some ever-so-clever solutions out there that let you combine your existing space with a dining area – and we thought it was about time we chewed the fat on them. So here for your digestion, is our quick guide to making room for dinner – and how to help the dining room make a come back…

Dining rooms and areas are where family can come together. Back in the day, at tea-time, mum would call the youngsters in from the street to sit round and enjoy a hearty meal, usually involving conversation about the days events and above all time for each other. As the saying goes – what goes around comes around – and more and more people are taking time over their mealtimes, which means creating the right space.

The Kitchen Diner is a popular choice in many properties. A space that combines the cooking area with somewhere to eat. Traditionally that’s a ‘breakfast bar’ – a work surface with stools that you can sit up to. With Kitchen Islands having become so fashionable over the past few years, there are some clever integrations of kitchen bars into the end of them. Clever storage for seating and slide out surfaces can make room for up to 4 diners around one end of the island.

The Fold Down Diner – a variation on the breakfast bar – the fold down diner is a relatively simple way to create a dining space. A panel that folds up or down from the wall, with retractable legs or a rolling pedestal so it lays horizontal.

The Pull out Diner – When is a Kitchen drawer not a drawer? Why, when it’s a table or a seat. This cunning design by German firm Alno, takes up very little under counter space – but provides a beautifully simple to deploy dining area for two people – as and when needed. We found it posted over on our favourite swedish furniture DIY community – where the challenge has been laid down to the Ikea altering geniuses to come up with something similar.

The  Ever Expanding Counter Top – if you’ve got a Kitchen Living room arrangement, you might consider this brilliant solution that we covered back in 2013. It’s called the Goliath Dining table. Built into the end of a Kitchen work surface it can extend to create enough space for 10 comfortably. Of course, you’ll need another cupboard to store some fold-flat seats, but you can get creative with that too.

The Ultimate Kitchen Table – with all the recent talk of ‘The Internet of Things’ (automated objects that we can control from our smart devices) and the rapidly expanding market for connected appliances, tools and gadgets – this 2009 concept by Czech Designer Petr Kubrick is a vision of the future that is sure to become reality. Not only will your dining area stow itself neatly beneath the futuristic circular, but it will give you a choice of food and drink, cook and serve it for you. So, in a weird twist worthy of a any Sci-fi thriller, perhaps it will be the Kitchen that finally becomes extinct, to be replaced by what will inevitably end up being described the iDine station.


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