Moving Home in Summer

iStock_000009667625LargeMoving home doesn’t always go as planned. Getting the deposit down on a perfect rental flat (before someone else beats you to it) might mean you need to be ready to move quickly. If you’re buying/selling, hold ups finding buyers, bottlenecks further along the property chain and curve balls in the conveyancing process mean that we don’t always get to move house when we’d really like to. It all means that lots of householders end up moving during the height of summer.

On the one hand summer might seem like a sensible time of year to move – with longer daylight hours and warmer weather. On the other it brings it’s own set of headaches and pitfalls. Here are our handy hints if you’re moving home during the middle months of the year…There’s a lot going on in London during the summer months. Festivals, sporting events, holidays and the inevitable evenings in the sun at a pub by the river.  o most people wouldn’t choose to move house when there are so many better things to do be doing. The trouble is that moving is never an exact science and for plenty of Londoner’s moving between June, July and August becomes a necessity. Moving at any time of year is stressful, but in summer it’s far easier to get all hot and bothered. So here are some things you can do to ensure your move goes much more smoothly.

1 – Pack Room by Room – start off with the rooms you use least, first. Getting everything boxed up in those rooms will have least impact on your main living space. You could even advance to 3…

2 – Packing Labels As you’re packing up your belongings spending a little extra time labelling them all will save you far more time ashen it comes to unpacking at the other end.

3 – Staging Post – moving all your possessions from A to B  in one day can be quite a tall order. A self storage unit at one of our stores is the perfect staging post that you can move stuff into in advance and out of once you are in your new place. It’ll allow you to prepare in good time and without the ‘are-we-going-to-get-it-all-done’ stress.

4 – Water – Moving house requires a high degree of exertion. All that packing, stacking and carrying can dehydrate you far more quickly in summer than you might think. It’s really important that you make sure you drink plenty – and with the recent news about sugary drinks – water is the very best thing for that. A crate of mineral water from the supermarket will ensure you stay hydrated.

5 – Food – as well as water, food is really important. Energy bars will keep you going throughout the move day – but what better way to round off your move day in your new home than with a takeaway from your new neighbourhood.

Oh, and one final thing. After all that exertion, when you’re finally sat on your sofa in your new living room, swap the water for champagne. You’ll have earned it!


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