World Cup Madness

Vintage photo of soccer ball  Brazil 2014

It seems the world has gone football crazy as the World Cup kicks off today! Subsequently, no one can turn a corner without seeing a flag, poster or bunting that isn’t covered in patriotic colours.

Shops have also gone mad over football too, each and every one of them has a product suitable for the World Cup, from stickers and shirts to balls and banners.

The official World Cup sticker collections have already recorded their highest sales ever, but it’s not just stickers, people are collecting all kinds of weird and wonderful football souvenirs. Therefore, to get into the World Cup spirit, ABC  has listed a couple of these crazy collections.

It was recently reported a devoted football fan in Mexico has spent a staggering $75,000 on football memorabilia over the years, collecting everything from football figurines (15,000 in total), dozens of sticker books, shirts and boots as well as hundreds of other collectables. Some of the items even date back as far as 1960.

The latest football fanatic to make headlines was a 35 year old who completed the official World Cup sticker collection in less than six weeks. Using the power of social media and £90 of his own money, the 640 sticker set was complete in record time.

Other football fans to make headlines with their collections include a teacher who spent more than £20,000 on a collection of official World Cup football shirts and still has another 22 countries to collect before his set is complete. Due to the quantity of shirts, the teacher had to move his prize possessions to his parents house and then complained they were not being looked after properly!

Over 5,000 football figurines were collected by one sports fans, who ended up having an entire football terrace built in his bedroom to house his collection of miniature footballers. The fan’s obsession has cost him thousands of pounds, but since the figures stopped being made in 2008 the value of his collection has rocketed, making them now worth a staggering £25,000!

If you fancy collecting 2014 World Cup memorabilia or perhaps you need space for your current collection, we have flexible and affordable self storage units across London in Wandsworth, Camden and Southwark that can safely look after your footballs, scarves, boots, shirts or even sticker books.

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