Gadgets today – antiques tomorrow

Hands holding color cube

Who would have thought during the Rubik’s Cube craze of the 1980s that the colourful 3D combination puzzle would one day become a popular collector’s item? And it’s not as though they are rare. As of January 2009, 350 million cubes had been sold worldwide making it the world’s top selling puzzle game.

Equally, it’s doubtful that families during the interwar years could ever have imagined that their everyday household objects, characterised by precise geometric shapes and strong colours, would constitute the popular art deco style of today, with its timeless appeal.

All too often, we find ourselves getting rid of outdated items, only to find that they have become collectable after only a short time. Think of the finger-dial telephone, Roberts radios, gramophones and old magazine collections. We all had them. If only we’d kept hold of them.

Yet, becoming an astute collector of quality items from the current decade, with an eye for items that will stand the test of time, isn’t always easy.

If you are considering starting a collection, consider the following information to guide you:

1. Award winning designs and unique items are always a good place to start – it sets them apart from the rest and makes them more likely to become collectable.

2. Go for quality and elegance as things that are stylish and well made are more likely to last.

3. Aim for something that didn’t exist until this item came along or a design that reshaped the future of an item – the steady progression of Mac computers is a good example of production evolution that contains products worth collecting.

4. When science is coupled with a great design, the resulting product often becomes collectable.

5. Make sure the items are kept in pristine condition, even better unused, and, if possible, keep the original packaging as this also adds value.

6. Be prepared to store the items and retain them in the long-term. Antique values develop over time so patience and space are a necessity.

7. Items will deteriorate if they are exposed to light, moisture and regular human contact. Make sure you store your items away properly to prevent their true value from being eroded.

Whatever you choose as your future antique, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, Micro scooter or Swingball, why not let us at ABC take care of your collection to keep your items safe and your home clutter free? With self storage facilities in Southwark, Wandsworth and Camden, we have a range of different sized units at affordable prices to suit your needs. So don’t let your collection be curbed – go forth and collect!

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