Graduating students smiling and laughing with diplomas

Graduation is a memorable occasion for many. Proud parents applaud their children whilst they collect their degree and students often sigh with relief to have finished university and can finally start the next chapter of their life.

Moving back home after graduation isn’t the first choice for many graduates, however unfortunately after expensive tuition fees and lots of nights celebrating, it is becoming a necessary stop for many before they move on to a new job or opportunity.

Let’s not forget there are some perks to moving back home with parents after university, home cooked meals, clothes miraculously disappearing off the floor into the washing machine and never having to buy groceries. However, after living independently, its inevitable horns may lock with parents sooner or later. So here at ABC Selfstore we thought we would offer a few words of wisdom on how to enjoy living back at home…

First of all, what was your old bedroom may have been transformed into a tranquil guest bedroom. So start by having a little clear out and place all items that have been stored in the spare bedroom for the past three or so years into boxes and if you live by us by all means bring them down to one of our locations in London – we would be happy to help you out with a self storage unit. This will not only make you feel more at home but will allow you to move in all the things you have accumulated from university.

Unless you’re lucky enough to finish university and start a graduate job immediately, it’s vital to keep busy. It may be lovely having your parents do everything around the house and fun to watch Breaking Bad back to back, but unfortunately knowing anecdotes from a series isn’t going to get anyone their dream job.

Next, help with cooking. Not only will this help improve your own life skills but it will also make the ‘room mates’ very happy. When moving back home with parents, compromise is key. No one wants to lose independent living but it’s important to be respectful when living with others, unfortunately this may include telling parents where you’re going and what time you’ll be home.

Finally, stay positive. Although it may feel like a step backwards moving home, it’s merely a stepping stone to the next stage of life. Enjoy the benefits of living at home as it won’t last forever and it won’t be long until bills start coming through the letterbox in your name.

If you need somewhere to store those items from the spare bedroom or the stuff you’ve kept from your university life, we have flexible and affordable self storage units across London in Wandsworth, Camden and Southwark. Plus it’s also a handy place to keep the graduation photo once you’re too embarrassed to look at it in the future.

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