‘Spare’ Rooms to write home about

We often hear the phrase Spare Room. But how many people genuinely have a room spare? If you live in London and have a room you don’t really need, the chances are you’ll be renting it out. Spare implies that it is surplus to requirements and has no purpose. Even the biggest houses rarely have rooms that have no point at all. ‘General storage’ excepted – we always tend to find a use for the space we have, even if that’s a guest bedroom. So, from a practice place for Music Maestros to a Private Art Gallery and everything in between – we look at reason for some of the world’s most expensive spare rooms…

Home Theatre

If you like movies – but prefer not to be selecting your pick ‘n’ mix alongside the hoi-polloi – how about this fantastic home cinema room.  It was designed by Kipnis studios to be the ultimate media suite costs a reputed $6million. We’re not sure if that includes the Nautilus or not.

Music Recital Room & Recording Studio

Whilst we’re sure you could hook your electric guitar through the sound system in your home theatre room (and likely blow yourself through across the room like the opening scene in Back to the Future) – you might want something a bit more acoustically tuned for practicing your woodwind. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame probably has the ultimate. We’ll overlook the fact that it’s actually an adapted houseboat (not exactly a spare room). The guitar god’s Astoria barge was converted in 1986 to a studio and is moored on the River Thames.

Here’s a terrific clip from the BBC’s Three Men in a Boat – where you even get to see inside…

Spare Bedroom

If you like to entertain a lot, then the ubiquitous spare bedroom is a good bet. Now whilst most of us would be happy with a flat pack from Ikea, the super-rich households of London will want something a tad more luxurious. So for starters how about this little number from British Designer Stuart Hall? It’s called the Baldacchino Supreme and at £4 million is the most expensive bed in the world. It is 100% hand crafted and claims 107kg of 24ct Gold adorning 4 types of wood – including Ash and Cherrywood.

The Baldacchino comes with its own linen – which is Italian Silk and Cotton – but you might decide you need more than one spare set – if you’re a prolific entertainer. If that’s the case then perhaps some bespoke bedding from Charlotte Thomas is what you need. £1,500 gets you what Ms Thomas describes as ‘the finest bedding in the world’ – merino wool is woven with 22ct Gold thread and backed with a silk jacquard.

Multi-Purpose Spare rooms

If – like us – you’re looking at the rooms above and thinking ‘I should be so lucky’ then let’s talk a bit more real world – how about designing a flexible multi-use space? A sofa bed could give you a bedroom when you have guests, and – with a wall mounted TV opposite – the comfy couch becomes the perfect Home Cinema when you don’t. And if, to achieve those dreams you need extra storage to free up some space – then we can help with that.

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