Cost Effective Storage for Entrepreneurs

A record 526,446 new businesses were registered with Companies House in 2013 – and 136 939 of them were right here in London – making us the capital of entrepreneurship. On top of that the Office For National Statistics reports that in 2014 self-employment is higher than any point in the past 40 years.

That all means there’s a lot of new businesses out there finding their feet. And if you’re a thriving business it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll need space for something. Self storage might not be the first thing that springs to mind if your home business has outgrown your living room – but there are plenty of reasons why it should be at the top of your list. Here are three of the most common reasons that our business customers choose to make some space in a self storage unit with us. 

pallet-of-stock1. Stock Storage

Stock, by its very nature, fluctuates. There’s an ebb and flow to it that means you might need more space or you might need less. Demand can be driven by lots of things: holidays and seasons, fashion trends,  technology upgrades, events, movies and merchandising, the list is as infinite as things that interest people.

Predicting what those things are and when they will happen is a huge part of the art of growing a successful business, and then there’s entrepreneurship – which is creating those opportunities from scratch.

Regardless of what’s at the core of your business, if it’s stock driven you could well find yourself in need of flexible storage to keep your  all in before it flies off the virtual shelves. Storage space that you can move out of and stop paying for when it’s gone and expand into when you need it again.

On top of that at ABC Selfstore our staff are able to help with delivery and despatch if you can’t be on site yourself, and there’s 24hr access available at selected stores. It’s cheaper than office space, safer than a mate’s backstreet garage and there’s free refreshments.

Eco Super Archive Boxes2. Paperwork & Archives

Paperwork is a fact of life for most businesses and record keeping is an important part of any operation. It takes up room though. Filing cabinets, desk drawers, store cupboards – it ends up stacked up everywhere. Depending on what business you’re in there will be some basic standards you’ll need to keep records to. For most businesses 7 years is reasonable, but for others it can be much longer. But you’re not using it daily and it’s often unlikely you’ll ever have to refer to it. A self storage unit is the perfect answer. Paperwork can be safely gone, but not forgotten and you can still access it in the unlikely event you need to.

3. Office Equipment

Chairs, desks, carpets, uniforms, ICT, wall art, stationary – the list of possible office equipment is as long as a pack of post-it-notes stuck end to end up a wall. What’s certain is that almost any business will have the need to store some of it.  From uniforms for casual or weekend staff to copier toner and paper, from stationary to spare furnishings, where there’s a need there’s a way – and it’s a self storage unit with us! You could even store it alongside the archives.

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