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lady_with_baby_on_boardAcross the Atlantic pond more people share 16th September as their birthday than any other. Here on UK soil more British birthdays fall in September than any other month. It doesn’t take a mathematician to work out then, that December is the most popular month for conception.

Now on the one hand that might be down to very organised parents – who planned the whole thing out so that their child would be amongst the eldest in their school year. That makes sense, because statistically children with birthdays earlier in the school year tend to do better at school. Boffins also suggest that our sexual appetite is greater in winter. On the other hand……some believe it could be a completely different set of circumstances in the winter months that are driving this phenomenon. Long, cold, winter nights (it’s a little known fact that sperm is better quality when it’s cold). Time off on holiday. A happy, relaxed family atmosphere. Or perhaps it’s just that we do a whole lot more socialising. An office party, a little too much drink and a lapse in self control. We could simply call it the festive spirit.

Whatever it is, the end result is that right about now, up and down the country, more families are saying hello to a new family member than in any other month. For first time parents that means a new nursery (and everything that comes with it) whilst for those who already have a sibling or two more space needs to be found for a growing brood.

That space thing isn’t easy. Especially here in London. You could give the spare room over to make a nursery. In which case you’ll need somewhere to keep the things that were in there already. You don’t want sleeping bags and camping gear falling out onto your head every time you open the cupboard door. One of our storage units is ideal for that exactly those sorts of belongings. Things you want to keep, but don’t need around talking up space that could be used for something better.

Although – the numbers are bucking the trend of an increase in birth rates – we previously reported that 2012 was a consecutive bumper year with 729,674 births. In 2013 there were 698,512 births – a significant drop of 4.7%. The national trend is reflected in the boroughs where our stores are located:

In Camden Borough there were 2,766 births (down from 2,944 in 2012).

In Southwark Borough there were 4,706 births (down from 5,030 in 2012).

In Wandsworth Borough there were 5,152 births (down from 4,451 in 2012).

Countrywide, boys still have the numbers edge – with 1054 boys born for every 1000 girls.

Finally – if you think that 698,512 births sounds a lot – consider the heady days of the 1960s – when for Six consecutive years (1963-67) the good people of Britain were responsible for birth rates that exceeded 830,000 births a year.

So, if you’re planning to start a family (or add to the one you’ve already got), get ready. The festive season begins it’s early approach now and the nights are already drawing in. Have fun.

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