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ABC Selfstore LogoHere on our little blog we like to muse on life – and how self storage can help – in business, at home, at study and even whilst you’re away on holiday. Regular visitors will know we don’t like to blow our own trumpet very often, so much so that it’s been quite a while since we last did. April 2013 in fact. So here goes…  dah-dud dah-daaaah (that was a trumpet. Blowing. In a Sherwood forest kind of way). 

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to Self Storage in London. Choice is a good thing, but it does mean making a decision – and to make the right one you need to understand and evaluate the facts. Sometimes those facts can be hard to find, need a degree from a Government Code and Cypher School to understand or border on the misleading. We don’t believe in anything other than open and honest marketing to our customers. So here are Six-of-the-Best benefits of storing with us – and why our storage really, really – is the best you’ll find in London.

1. Price Promise

Our Price Promise guarantees we’ll match any like for like quote from any competitor. We don’t have to use it very often though – because our prices are already amongst the lowest you’ll find.

2. Only pay for the days you stay.

Most self storage companies stipulate a minimum storage term or charge in 7 day blocks. That might not seem a big deal, but when you no longer need your storage there’s a good chance you’ll end up paying for days you’re not going to use. At ABC Selfstore we believe you should only pay for what you have used – which is why, when the time comes, we’ll always refund any you’ve paid for but haven’t used. It would be OPFTDYS if you were telling your friends in text speak.

3. No notice on move out (yep, you can move out the same day).

Some companies require notice when you want to move out. That means – even if you empty your unit of your stuff – you might have to complete the paperwork later and it’ll take longer to get any money you are owed.   We’ve always thought that’s unnecessary. So, if you want to, you can rock up and tell us you’re done with your unit and move out there and then, with no notice period. Boom!

4. Solutions tailored to our customers:
Bundled for Business, Helpful to Households, Stellar for Students.

We’re all about making self storing as straightforward and as painless as possible. So you’ll find our space packaged in such a way as to make life easy for our customers. From our Business Bundle to Student Specials or Free Van Hire included… there are lots of ways we make sure our self storage is simple and helpful.

5. Friendly, helpful and knowledgable staff.  (But everyone says that don’t they?)

We really mean it. You can see it in the way we recruit (we don’t take on just anybody) and how long some of our team have been with us. We invest in training for each and every member of our team and we make sure they are up to date on the latest practices in our industry.

6. Family run and Independent

Our business is family owned and independent. There’s no faceless corporate suits here. Okay, David and John Milton – our Directors – might occasionally wear a suit, but we’re not sure we’ve ever seen either of them in a tie. Highly professional they are, yes – but corporate? No. Ultimately the buck stops with them too. Which means we live in the real world of what’s best for our customers, not what’s best for a bunch of faceless investors.

So there you have it. ‘Six of the best’ reasons to choose ABC Selfstore. There are more of course, you can head on over to our website to read up on them and maybe we’ll do a pub quiz.

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