The Big Benefits of Self Storage


We’re always pointing out how Self Storage is such a useful service. Of course, you’d expect us to – it is, after all, our business. That’s a business built on providing a service that our customers find genuinely helpful and useful.  But we’re always surprised to find that only 38%* are aware of self storage and how it can benefit household, businesses and just about anyone or any organisation that is in need of extra space. So, in case you’re in the 62% of the public who aren’t familiar with what we do, here’s a crash course in the benefits of self storage…


Square foot for square foot self storage is amongst the cheapest space in London. Unlike domestic or commercial space it doesn’t have to be maintained to an environmental level that is suitable for humans to spend all day in – on the sofa or at a desk. That’s not to say that our storage space is in any way insecure. We’ve got CCTV 24/7 and every customer has their own unique key card to access the building. Because those frills are not necessary, the cost can be kept down – so you pay a lot less for self storage space than you would renting an apartment with an extra room, or additional office space.


OK, it’s not a store cupboard in your own home or on the landing of your offices. But it’s a room, that you can put anything you like in, that is not too far away. You can access it whenever you like (there’s even 24hr access on selected units) and there are covered loading bays and an assortment of trolleys to help you get your stuff to – and from – your unit.

Store what you like


With very few exceptions (anything flammable, illegal or perishable) you can store what you like. So if you’re hobbies include skiing, snowboarding, surfing, sailing and cycling – you can keep all your toys in your unit. On the other hand, if you’re a businessman on a mission to grow, self storage can be a great answer to where to keep office furniture – or even as a stopping off point if you’re moving office to a different premises. It’s also great for archives, and, if you’re in retail – stock. In fact self storage offers one of the most flexible solutions to stock storage, because you can change the size of your unit to suit what’s in stock.


Unlike most other forms of real estate rental – with self storage you can stop when you like. Not being tied into a 3 month lease can be pretty handy if you land a job abroad (although you could use your unit to keep your things whilst you explore those new pastures), sell all your stock or sell your business  to a competitor for a fortune.

Nice people (and a cuppa)

Whilst a storage room at home might be convenient, you won’t meet anyone (apart from perhaps your other half) to have a good chinwag with. Our self storage units aren’t just metal bode rooms – we have helpful and friendly staff too. So dropping in is often a bit of a social excision – complete with tea and biscuits.

(*Self Storage Association Annual Survey 2014)

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