Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2014

With Christmas just 29 days away things are beginning to feel a bit more festive. The John Lewis Advert is tying with Sainsbury’s for best Christmas creative treatment, whilst Ant and Dec are busy touting the gateaux’s and party food that Morrison’s have to offer. Whilst other supermarket brands are available – shops in general are filling up with the essential must have Crimbo stock.

The smart ones might even be keeping extra back in one of our self storage units – but if they are – what are the smartest bets? The must have’s. The I can’t do with out’s. The toys that will go to infinity and beyond and will almost certainly be sold out before we hit December. Here then, is our guide to the top 10 toys for Christmas 2014. 

Let it Go, Let it Go…  no, Go Get it.

Disney went back to their sing-along-animation roots with Frozen and it was a blockbuster. Little Girl’s up and down the country have been reciting the soundtrack continually to their weary mother’s dismay since the movie was released in November 2013. With a whole year behind them to develop the merchandise, Disney have pulled out the stops for 2014 and the ice skating Snow Queen Elsa is the absolute must-have.

Leg-it-o, Leg-it-o… no, LEGO

The perennial favourite with kids, the wonder blocks are set to be a hit again this year. You’ll need to know which LEGO theme your child is a fan of: the movie-brand recreations (Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones) or LEGO’s own character based sets (Alien Defence, City, Dino, or Ninjago – Masters of Spinjitsu) so you can go all Sensei Wu in your choice of present. That way Everything Will be Awesome when Christmas Day arrives.

They’re Still Looming… Loom Bands

Loom bands have been keeping kids entertained in a Blue-Peter-esque here’s-one-I-made-earlier phenomenon for most of 2014. The craze sees no sign of abating, so whether you know your bow-tie from your inverted fishtail or not – the elastic fantastic is a great creative pressie that’ll keep them off the tech this Christmas.

Choice of T-Rex’s

In 2013 the Teksta was duking it out with Zoomer in the I-want-a-cute-robot-dog-for-Christmas stakes. For 2014 the Teksta brand have created Teksta T-Rex – a cute robot dinosaur. Complete with gesture sensing for control by hand movement, he does some tricks that are sure to entertain – like chew his bone, spit it out and burp.

If the robot bi-ped is not invoking enough for your little one – how about a transformer version? The Stomp and Chomp Grimlock figure swaps between robot and dinosaur mode in one step, as well as having pop-up weapons and light up eyes.

My, that’s a smart watch.

You’ll have to wait until 2015 to get hold of an Apple iWatch – but there are plenty of smart watches already on the market. The Kidizoom from Vtech is made especially with youngsters in mind. With touch screen technology it features, amongst other things, an on board camera for taking photos and video, voice recording and editing and, of course, games.

Last call for Cayla and Chloe

Character based doll’s toys often seem to hit a chord – especially with the fairer sex. For 2014, early indications are that it’s Cayla and Chloe that will be in demand. It’s not surprising as Cayla can chat with you, read you stories and tell you all about herself. There’s even an app so you can connect with her over bluetooth.

11 lords a leaping –  Leapfrog Leap TV

It’s probably not what was being referred to on day 11 of the Christmas Partridge song, but the Leapfrog Learning system: LeapPad and Leap TV games are another piece of tech that’s aimed at youngsters. Essentially an educational games console for kids, it’s a learning tablet – specifically designed to teach your child new things through their play. So whilst they think they’re getting away with extended tech time, you can be reassured in the knowledge that they’ll probably be smarter than you by the end of the Christmas break.

Nerf, or BoomCo

You might be familiar with the Nerf craze? The variety of guns that shoot harmless foam darts? For sure they will be a hit again this year, but there’s an alternative – called the BoomCo rapid madness blaster. It doesn’t jam as easily as Nerf guns do, and the darts only stick to a special target that’s supplied in the pack, so your walls are safe again, though you might not be.

Xeno, warrior baby monster.

This one has nothing to do with princesses. This little bundle of fun is a new take on the Furbie phenomenon – only he’s uglier and has snot hanging out of his nose, which is exactly the kind of thing that kids love. He can be happy, moody, grumpy, upset, hungry, playful, unwell, thoughtful, disappointed, annoyed, bored and sleepy – just like the rest of us really!

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