Hi-de-Ho Ho Ho (Keeping Christmas Presents Secret)

boxing_daylChristmas presents are such a temptation. Some members of the household (not just the younger ones either) can’t help themselves. They like to sneak in and take a peak at what’s going to be in their stocking or under the tree on the big day. Keeping the gifts secret from those prying eyes can be a real challenge – so here’s our quick guide to hiding Christmas presents, so that when the wrapping paper comes off on December 25th, the delight on their faces is genuine.

When it comes to hiding places for Christmas presents, some places seem obvious. The back of the chester drawers under the smalls. Underneath the bed behind the shoes right in the middle of that ‘dead space’ that no one can quite reach without a stretch. Up in the loft or hidden behind some pots of paint in the cupboard under the stairs, or maybe out in the garage. The possibilities are endless, but, sadly, are about as secure as the average tree house.

So let’s examine some ways where prying eyes won’t be able to find out what’s going to be under the tree for them come Christmas Day…

1 – Wrap them straight away

Wrap all the presents straight away, that way, even if they do find them – short of unwrapping them – they won’t be able to see what is inside. And if they do unwrap them you’ll know, and (whatever age they are) you can reinforce the age old drill: if you haven’t been good all year you don’t get any presents…

2 – Locked Suitcase

Man With Luggage PileSuitcases are good enough to keep your stuff secure travelling, so they should be good enough to keep presents in too. Put them up in the loft or at the back of a locked cupboard and only the most committed present peeper will be able to crack them. It’ll also make the job of putting all those presents under the tree more straightforward as you’ll be able to carry them down together – especially if you’re in the leave-it-to-christmas-eve camp.

3 – The Office

Off site means that no one can find them – so at the office is one way of achieving such a distance based security. The only major drawback is that you probably need to be fairly senior (or part of the facilities team) to have access to storage space you can use at work. But you’ll be safe in the knowledge that if your nearest and dearest go on a present hunt, the only thing they’ll find is the pre-christmas paranoia that they haven’t been good – and consequently you haven’t bought them anything.

4 – Someone else’s house

No, we don’t mean just anyone’s house, that would be random. We mean Grandma and Grandad’s or your best friend and neighbours’ down the road. Like keeping them at the office, off site means no-one can find them. It’s by no means foolproof though, your co-conspirators in present storage have members of their household who might decide to take a tour looking for Crimbo loot – which could lead to a whole load of unpredictable surprises or disappointments Christmas day.

5 – A Self Storage Unit with us!

A self storage unit with us really is the perfect present storing solution. It’s convenient (choose from one of our three London stores), it’s securer (swipe card entrance, CCTV and you lock your unit with a padlock only you’ll have the key for), and cost effective. There’s even 24hr access available in Southwark and Wandsworth – so if you want to don the full Santa suit on Christmas Eve – your storage unit can be your North Pole.

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