Ingenious storage solutions #2 – the Kitchen

In part one of our foray into the world of ingenious household solutions, we took a gander at the hallway. So, in a flowing Feng Shui kind of way, it seems fitting that we move from the hallway into the hub of the house – and delve into the wondrous world of clever kitchen storage. And as Kitchen’s are probably the most challenging room when it comes to keeping things tidy and packed away – yet also accessible – we hope you’ll agree there are some truly innovative ideas out there – and also, find a little inspiration for your own snazzy storage… 

The Chopping Board

If you’re eating a balanced diet, you will, at some point, need to peel, chop or slice. You could stick to convention and use a chopping board on a work surface. But you’ll then encounter that awkward moment when you try and transport the chopping board, complete with waste trimmings – across the kitchen to the bin. There’s a certain inevitability that something will end up on the floor. So how about this clever idea: a pull out chopping board cannily positioned above the pull out bin. Once you’re done with your food prep, simply slide it down the hole and wipe the board clean.

The Sliding Pan holder

There’s something hugely awkward about storing pots and pans. You can stack them one inside the other to a certain extent – but the handles still get in the way. In the bottom of a large drawer they’ll clank around and you have to take the entire stack out to get the one you want. The sliding pan holder is an ingenious solution – hanging them by the handles means you can get to the pan you need simply and easily.

Corner to corner drawer storage

This is one of those ‘it seems so obvious now’ ideas. If you’ve got spatulas, ladles and spoons that won’t fit in your conventional kitchen drawer – try making a diagonal divider. The longer implements can go across the middle, whilst your shorter kitchen tools can take up the corner pockets.

 Veggie & Fruit Bins

Where do you keep spuds, onions parsnips and carrots – in fact anything vaguely legume that you’re planning to cook with? For some it’s in bags at the back of a cupboard. For others it’s some hanging baskets with tea-towels to stop the potatoes from sprouting and going green. These drop out bins (a bit like conventional shoe storage that you might have found in the hallway) are just the ticket if you want to keep your 5 a day in tip top condition and accessible for cooking.

A Bakers 2 Dozen (Storage containers)

If you’re into your baking, then these airtight containers arranged will keep all your ingredients fresh and ready for you to do your best Mary Berry/Paul Hollywood impression. With 24 in all – from flour and nuts to candied and dried fruit – whatever you need to keep fresh you can do that and keep it right to hand. Perfect for those moments of last minute waves of baking inspiration when you decide that desiccated coconut will add that je ne sais quoi to your creation.

If you liked that little lot, you’ll love part 3 when we mosey on through to look at Living room to look at Ingenious Storage Solutions in the living space.

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