Storage, just for a bit.


Contrary to what you might think Self storage is not a service you have to commit to for months and months, with a contract that ties you in for the duration. Oh no, no, no. It’s a really flexible way to get space when you need it, that you can give up when you don’t. That makes it a super-briliant solution if you need short-term storage. Now whilst there are some obvious reasons why you might want to do that

We thought it might be helpful to look at some…

Working Overseas

If you thought that once-in-a-lifetime secondment to Dubai was out of the question – mainly because you’ve got roots (a home and stuff) tying you to dear old Blighty, think again. You could rent out your flat or house and stick all your private stuff into storage. You’d probably even be able to make a bit of extra income too – as the rental of your abode will almost certainly offset the cost of your storage unit (and then some).

Travel case, hat and sunglasses

Mind the Gap (Year)

No, not a year working for a high street clothing retailer – a year seeing the world, usually between your last stint in academia and a move into the world of work, graft and making a living. If you’re heading out on a gap year then you might need a base for your stuff. That could be your parents garage, or it could be a self storage unit with us. If you are contemplating a year minding the Gap, then the Daily Telegraph have some helpful advice.

Pre-season Stock Storage

Next year is the 20th anniversary of Toy Story (I know – we found that hard to believe too). Back in 1995 – if you had been able to pre-buy plenty of Buzz lightyear’s, you’d have made a mint as they were properly hard to get hold of.  Likewise, just about any Christmas since has seen one or two toys that end up commanding high prices on eBay. Storage space can be a limiting factor in the amount of stock you can buy in – ahead of the rush. So if you’re an entrepreneur with a nose for the next big seller, then short term self storage is a really cost effective way of making some extra room, so you can buy more, until your stock starts flying off the shelves.

Location, Location, Location

Office and house moves require the logistical planning of a military operation. They also leave you in somewhat limbo. Self storage units provide a kind of staging post. Somewhere to keep the important things safe and accessible whilst everything else is in transit, or in the Transit. Of course – you don’t always know quite how long you’ll need a staging post for – which is what makes self storage such a great option – you can keep it for longer if things don’t go quite as planned.

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Refurb’ Refurb’ Refurb’

A house or office refurbishment might be on the cards if moving is too expensive (and in London that’s a fairly likely prospect). But it’s difficult to do a refurbishment if the rooms are full of stuff. Which is exactly where self storage can come in – as another  short term storage solution. And, just as for the office or house move, if the renovations take a little longer than anticipated (and when don’t they) you’ll be able to extend the self storage rental as needed. Or, in the really unlikely event that the workmen are super-efficient and complete the project ahead of time, you can save money on the storage costs and move out early.

Heaven Forbid (a Crisis)

The UK was hit with the wettest winter on record last year. Homes and offices in and around London were affected. Some things you can’t always plan for – but if you’re putting together contingency measures for every eventuality – a flood, a fire, alien invasion or some other form of environmental catastrophe, then having somewhere safe and secure to keep things is important. A self storage unit with us could be the refuge your stuff needs.