Are you being resolute?


So, 1 week in and how are you doing with them? You know – your resolutions – the things you said you’d do differently this year or the changes you’d make to your lifestyle? There are an infinite number of New Year’s resolutions and we hope you’re still hanging in there with yours.

Here’s a quick look at the more common commitments that folk are undertaking in 2015: 

Eat Less

Top of most people’s list is eating less – or consuming fewer calories to be exact. We’re a nation that’s steadily getting more obese, so it’s good to cut back on the fattening stuff. Whether you’ve sworn off cheese, chocolate or Chorizo is entirely up to you – but we wish you well – whatever you’ve decided to cut out.

Eat More

We don’t mean more in general. We mean more of the good stuff – like fruit and veg. There was a rumour in 2014 that 5-a-day should actually have been 7 – but the NHS bigwigs thought 7 would be too demoralising. We say it pays to aim high. More fruit and veg can only do you good.

Vegetate Less

Combined with the eating more – we’re also doing less. The doom mongers say the sedentary lifestyle is a time-bomb for the UK’s health and social care system.  That probably explains why more and more people are taking simple steps (quite literally in many cases) such as wearing a pedometer and tracking steps at work, walking to the shop rather than taking the car – they all contribute to vegetating less.

Exercise More

The full counterfoil to the sedentary lifestyle is of course to exercise more. Go to the Gym, start running, join the rowing, cycling, boxing or football club. You could even work up to an ironman contest. Taking more exercise is almost certainly the most popular new year’s resolution

Doc Brown even predicted it back in 1885…

Be More Organised

Maybe over the course of a year our lives get chaotic. Things get disorganised, piles of stuff accumulate, we’re late for things, miss appointments – a whole manner of disorganisations. Modern technology – and in 2015 it will be voice activation and the smart watch – lend themselves to getting on top of the chaos, with a simpler that ever before opportunity for reminders and diaries.

Whether you choose the New Year or spring to begin being more organised doesn’t really matter – it’s just good to decide to that run your life, rather that your life running you.


Another popular New Year’s resolution is to declutter. But if you are considering getting rid of stuff – take the acid test. Ask yourself: Have I used it? Do I really need it? Does it have value? If the answer to one or more is yes, then you shouldn’t throw it out – but you might choose to store it somewhere safe and sound – like a self storage unit at one of our 3 London stores.

Be more spontaneous

If life was getting a bit dull in 2014, you might have committed to being more spontaneous – that could be as simple as meeting a friend for coffee – or as glamorous as whisking you nearest and dearest away for a surprise weekend in Sorrento.

Whatever and wherever your spur of the moment takes you, we hope it’s a good one.

Make Time/Take Time

Time is the most precious commodity to any of us. We’re on the planet for a split second, then we’re gone. But how many of us don’t make time for the important things in life? Playing with the kids, relaxing with the family, a beer in the pub with our mates. It’s a great resolution to make for 2015, and you didn’t have to make it on January 1st – so start now.

Take a tech break

Our Tech has become all consuming. When we’re watching TV there’s our smartphone or tablet in our hand, multitasking. We lay in bed, when we should be going to sleep, the pale glow of our i-device reflecting our faces in a ghostly fashion at 1am. The ding of incoming email whilst we’re in the bathroom… er, oh, let’s not go there. The point is that we use our technology at every spare moment. So how about a tech break – say no technology between the hours of 8pm & 8am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

So, there you have it – plenty of New Years resolutions that you could be doing. We hope you choose at least one, and if you already did haven’t fallen off the metaphorical annual wagon.

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