Decorations, be gone…

That’s it then. Back to work. The Christmas and New Year break is over for another year. If you’re following tradition then either tonight or tomorrow you’ll be taking down the Christmas decorations and storing them somewhere until December 2015. So let’s look at your options…

Every year we seem to add to our Christmas decorations. A set of lights here, an extra pack of baubles there, even a massive wire LED lit reindeer that was grazing that was grazing the small patch of land in front of your house, or the carpet in your hallway.

It’s twelfth night, and all over the UK families are packing Christmas away. From cardboard boxes to old suitcases, flight bags, even bin liners – the range of packaging is as wide as the variety of the decorations they are holding.

One sound piece of advice is to check all the bulbs.

But where are you going to put yours once you’ve taken them down? Here are your options…

The Loft or Attic

If you have space up-top, you can put your decorations up in the attic. Of course, you’ll more than likely put them near the loft hatch (it’s easier to just go to the top of the ladder and place them near the loft opening) so you’ll be reminded of Christmas past throughout the year – but at least it’ll only be on the occasion you pop into the roof.

Store Cupboard

An alternative if you don’t have a loft is to put your decorations at the back of a store cupboard. They can be out of sight, out of mind, but they will be taking up space all year long. Space that could be used for other things that you’re more likely to need and use over the course of the year.

The Spare Room

You might choose to stack them in the spare room – for a year round reminder of those carefree two weeks of indulgence, presents and family fun.  But that spare room could be doing so much more. A man cave, a Lady Lounge, or home office.

Don’t take them down

Whilst you might decide to take most of your decorations down, when it comes to some of the twinkly lights they can be wrench to pack away. Sparkling away around a fireplace or chimney breast they look great at any time of the year. So if you decide they are not Christmas decorations – it must be alright to leave them up!

Your Storage Unit

If you haven’t got a loft, spare room or store cupboard (like many a London dwelling) – and you’re savvy about your storage – the chances are you’ll have a storage unit. It’s the perfect place to keep your Christmas decorations for the 10 1/2 months you won’t be using them. You might see them occasionally though – like when you pop in to get your winter sports gear or drop off your surfboard.

Of course, you can get a storage unit from us, so if you need extra space that’s flexible and convenient – then you can check out our three store locations and even book online, right now!

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